Unable to save attachment android

I"m unable to open email attachments on my jiyuushikan.org Android tool. How deserve to I settle this?

If you"re unable to open up a specific email attachment please firsjob the perchild that sentthe emailwhat format the attached file is in: Android cannot review all fileforms. Click hereto check out a table of the sustained media layouts for the different Android versions.

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If you can not open email attachments that are in styles your tool recognises then you have the right to most likely resolve the problem by rerelocating the email account and also then including it again.

Removing and re-adding anemail account

These measures use extensively to jiyuushikan.org Android gadgets. The steps for your specific tool may vary exceptionally slightly from those listed below.

1. From the Home display screen touch Apps.

2. Touch

Settings (you might have to swipe left or ideal to find it first).

3. Touch the Accounts tab (you can skip this step if your Android variation is 4.2 or older).

4. Touch the email account via which you are having actually problems.

5. Touch Rerelocate account. (You may have to touch Account settings first.)

6. If you got email through that account through an app you downloaded from Google Play or jiyuushikan.org Apps proceed to Settings > Application manager and also uninstall that app.

7. Add the account aacquire as you did prior to.Thiswill certainly meandownloading the email app againor, if you weren"tmaking use of a third-party email application,touching theAdd account choice beneath your other accounts on the settings menu, picking Email and also then following the procedures on-screen.

8. Rebegin your device and also then re-attempt to open the attachment(s)in the email message(s).

Percreate a software program update

If rerelocating and then re-adding the email account didn"t occupational then follow these steps to percreate a software program upday.

1. From the Home display screen touch Apps.

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2. Touch Settings (you might need to swipe left or best to find it first).

3. Touch About device (you may need to touch the More tab first).

4. Touch Software update.

5. Touch Update.

6. Rebegin your device and also then re-attempt to open up the attachment(s) in the email message(s).

Percreate a manufacturing facility reset

If the software program update didn"t resolve the difficulty (or no current software application update was available) try percreating a manufacturing facility reset.

1. Back up all the media, message messages, and so on that you wish to conserve. This deserve to be donevia Kies on your COMPUTER. A factory reset will certainly wipe your phone clean, restoring the software to just how it was once the device left the factory.

2. From the Home display touch Settings.

3. Touch Back up and reset.

4. Touch Factory data reset.

5. Touch Reset device.

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6. Your tool will restart. Finish the setup procedure on your tool and then include the email account aobtain. If you"re still unable to open attachmentsvia youremails after this it argues an inexplicable fault through your tool that calls for an engineer"s attention. Please click right here to find the location and also call details of your nearest jiyuushikan.org company centre.