Unable to open file matlab

I am making use of a loop to open up a large number of .csv files. I have actually applied it to a folder with .csv files and it worked. However,I use it now to another folder through .csv records and also it doesn"t work-related.

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If the only difference is the folder and the certain csv documents, then probably one is corrupted . Can you connect the one that it bombs on?


I ran the loop aacquire for various ranges inside this folder.In the specific folder I have 74 .csv papers.The initially 14 and the last 9 cannot be opened by the importinformation inside the loop.The remainder job-related fine. Image Analyst,I thought the exact same around "corrupted files",but the trouble is only with the loop.I expect that if I attempt importdata for the particular files one by one it works.


That is not a normal csv file - it contends leastern 2 sets of data with a bunch of header lines separating the two. I do not think importinformation is put up to handle concatenated records like that.


Yes,I understand.However,I discovered a way to manage this type of documents by using importdata() at the start and a combination of various other functions later on. My problem is still that importinformation opens every one of the records one by one,yet cannot open up some of them as soon as I start a loop.


I don"t understand also. First you say that you have a means to handle it, then you say you do not , or at leastern it does not occupational when it"s in a loop (which does not make sense).


Sorry,I will define it much better.Tbelow is a folder of 70 files.The loop that I posted over cannot run for the first 15 files and the last 10 files.If i limit the loop to the remainder (from file 15 to file 60) it works fine. In enhancement,it is not feasible the reason that some documents not open up bereason they are corrupted,bereason I can open these documents with the importdata and the rest features that I usage,as soon as I execute this one-by-one (not via the loop). For the moment being,bereason the papers are not many kind of,I supplied the loop for the papers 15 to 60 and also tackled the remainder with the very same attributes yet one-by-one. However before,because I need to do the very same for foolder with a lot even more .csv papers,I wanted to discover a solution and run the loop for all the files.

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As you agree, it does not make feeling. All I have the right to perform is to try it and also try to debug it, so if you desire, attach your 70 documents and also m-file in a zip file, and also I"ll view if I have the right to attempt it and recreate what you"re seeing.



Well what should have actually occurred is that in the first case where it ran, you must have actually had actually the csv documents in the present folder so you didn"t require the folder name. In the second instance the files were not in the current folder, where the m-file was, or also on the search route. So it didn"t know wright here to find them. When you added
now you told it the complete filename and it could find them. The correct way, more durable way , to carry out this is:

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