A: Yes. Your Ultimate Skin Spa runs on 2 AA Batteries—not consisted of in your order.

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 Q: Is this product waterproof?

A: No, however it is water resistant. It’s safe to take in the shower, however don’t submerge it in water.

 Q: What brush heads/attachments are consisted of with my purchase?

A: Your Ultimate Skin Spa consists of 3 attachment heads: Cleansing Brush, Exfoliating Brush, and Silicone Brush.

Q: How execute I clean my Ultimate Skin Spa attachments?

A: Rinse the attachments in warm, soapy water after eextremely usage.

Q: How perform I clean the handle?

A: To remove residue or buildup, clean the take care of at leastern when a week by rerelocating the attachment head and wiping the device thoapproximately via damp, soaped towel.

 Q: What are the supplies of the various brush heads?

A: Your Ultimate Skin Spa comes with 3 various attachments. The Cleansing Brush is intended for day-to-day challenge washing as it gently clarifies your vulnerable complexion. For a deeper clean, use the Exfoliating Brush as soon as or twice a week to rerelocate dead skin cells and also rid your pores of trapped dirt & oils. The Silicone Brush has actually non-abrasive, silicone touch-points that are perfect for dry or incredibly sensitive skin.

Q: How often must I usage my Ultimate Skin Spa?

A: This is different for everyone. Depfinishing on how active you are, individual preference, and your skin’s herbal characteristics, your Ultimate Skin Spa usage might differ. You might not usage the Exfoliating Brush as generally as others, as exfoliation is commonly practiced only 1-2 times a week.

 Q: How perform you understand which brush is the Exfoliating Brush?

A: It has actually a babsence inner ring on the brush and also the bristles are rougher.

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Q: Do I save everything in the case at all times? Or simply for travel?

A: You deserve to keep your brush and also attachments in the situation at all times, just make sure to dry the device and attachments via a towel first.

 Q: Can I use exfoliating cream with the Exfoliating Brush?

A: The answer to this depends on the sensitivity level of your skin and also the abrasiveness of the exfoliating cream. People via highly sensitive skin may uncover that the brush alone is enough, while others might not wish to exfoliate at all. If the exfoliating cream is incredibly abrasive, it may be also abrasive once paired via our Exfoliating Brush.