The 20-year-old South African-born Australian is OUT magazine’s May 2016 cover star, and also he spoke to Shana Naomi Krochmal about every little thing from his music (off his critically-acasserted deyet album Blue Neighborhood, released December 2015), coming out on Youtube in 2013, his fans and also the LGBT area, and even more.

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Here are 13 things we learned from his interview:

1. He describes his sexuality as “fun.”

“Fun. Is that weird? Fun is how I feel. Fun is kissing boys and also kissing girls periodically. I have the right to do whatever before I want, and also no one will certainly bat an eyelid.”

2. He wants to store his partnership standing exclusive.

“I feel like I share whatever around myself, prefer whatever. That’s the one thing – I should store something to myself.”

3. And so no, he won’t expose whether or not he’s dated fellow Youtube stars Tyler Oakley or Connor Franta (or both), also though he thanked his “beautiful boyfriend” in the notes of Blue Neighborhood.

“It was important to me to pay tribute to that perboy and thank that perkid because I think they were super instrumental to the process of making the album. I don’t think I could’ve done it without them. As far as specifying that partnership and also specifying that that perboy is and everything…”

4. For him, breakups are “the worst point in the world” and “so weird.”

“You treatment so much for that perchild and you become ideal friends, and then it seems so abrasive to me that human being break up. That concept. The entirety concept of it. As someone that is simply founding to endeavor into romantic endeavors, that’s been a really strange thing I never thought about before. People acquire hurt, and also that’s something I’m finding out.”

5. He’s basically gained every little thing he’s ever wanted after the success of his album in December.

“This is going to sound so gross and also braggy. But I had simply done Fallon, I was on the cover of Rolling Stone Australia, and also I had actually booked Ellen . I was favor, What the fuck? Anypoint else after this is a bonus. This is exactly what I’ve constantly wanted. And once I’m not in my very own head around it, I have the finest time.”

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6. His fans make him so happy.

“I’ve been looking at people’s encounters a lot even more throughout a show, and also it’s been gaining me insane amounts of joy. I view children closing their eyes and also singing the lyrics, and I see kids with huge smiles on their encounters, or I check out youngsters that are on a date. I check out kids that are proud of themselves and proud of me, and it just really makes me happy.”

7. He was a child actor.

Sivan showed up as a younger Hugh Jackman in X-Men Origins: Wolverine as well as three Spud films, opposite John Cleese.

8. He came out to his parents as soon as he was 15, and three years later on to the day, came out on his Youtube channel (which he began doing when he was 12) to about a half-million followers.

“This is not somepoint that I’m ashamed of, and also it’s not something that anyone must have to be ashamed of.”That night, #WeAreProudOfYouTroye began trending global.

9. He got an email by a document label that wanted to authorize him after he composed and also posted to Youtube a song inspired by John Green‘s novel The Fault in Our Stars.

10. He boasts an extremely astronomical social media following: 4 million YouTube subscribers, 3.6 million Twitter followers, and 3.6 million Instagram fans.

11. Many of his album Blue Neighborhood is “singing around boys” and also one song in specific, “Heaven” (co-composed through Jack Antonoff and Alex Hope), geneprices a strong fan reaction.

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“Writing that song was very therapeutic to me at the time. It was me reasoning around how difficult I try to be a great perboy and then feeling choose, prior to I also opened up my eyes as a tiny baby—because I think I was born gay—I was a sinner. All of those are extremely standard, however extremely confusing and also hurtful conversations that you have to have actually via yourself as an LGBTQ perboy.”

12. He recalls asking when at a live present, “Who’s LGBTQ up in here?” via emovement after fifty percent the audience put their hands up.

“That minute where you take on that obligation and feel that empowerment, seeing that in a physical form looking earlier at me, singing those lyrics back at me was…It was a life-transforming minute.”

13. He’s just so “20.”

“That’s pretty much it for me. I don’t also recognize what’s going on, so I don’t really desire to put anypoint on paper. I’m simply so…20. I’m never sure exactly how to define anything in a magazine or in print. It appears exceptionally irreversible.”