I am searching for an idiom describing a cshed acquaintanceship or gaining on well through someone other than "prefer a home on fire".

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I"ve never heard "like a residence on fire," so perhaps I don"t quite recognize what you mean. That said, a prevalent idiom for conveniently coming to an excellent relationship via someone would be "hit it off," as in "Joe and Martha simply met tonight, yet they really seem to be hitting it off."

: Some others pertained to mind for me. Two world who are inseparable might be explained as "attached at the hip." Also, two close people, particularly if they are similar in many ways, may be referred to as "two peas in a pod."


The Cassell Thesaurus of Cliches (1996) confirms that "obtain along like a home on fire" implies "to get on together exceptionally well." A shorter (and much less flamboyant) expression of the same principle is "They gain along famously ." Yet one more is "They"re hand also in glove," signifying a close fit or match of interests between two world. Or you could say that they are "birds of a feather."

Anvarious other opportunity is to say that the 2 civilization "require to each other like a duck to water" or that they "go together like a steed and carriage" (or like bcheck out and butter, or peanut butter and also jelly, or salt and pepper, or milk and also cookies, or macaroni and cheese, or spaghetti and also meatballs, or any kind of complementary pair of things, really).

A less complimentary term for closeness is "thick as thieves."



From Forrest Gump: "We works together choose peas and carrots."

Meaning: I love you, we belong together, we go well together.

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Hot and also heavy

If something or someone is hot and heavy, they are complete of solid emotions or sexual feelings:

Seinfeld usage: Elaine dates a jazz saxophonist named John Jermaine and also admits to Jerry that she has actually bookings about their dating, because John "actually, he, um, does not really choose to perform "everything""<1> (a recommendation to oral sex). In spite of this, Jerry incautiously tells one of the band members, Clyde (played by Leonard Lightfoot) that Johnny and also Elaine are "pretty hot and heavy."

When Jerry tells Elaine what he sassist, Elaine is alequipped and mirrors some uncharacteristic considerateness: "I do not desire John thinking that I"m warm and hefty if he"s not warm and heavy. I"m trying to gain a tiny squirrel to come over to me here. I don"t wanna make any kind of massive, sudden motions. I"ll frighten him away!"