A Farmer fenced a rectangular area through $75$ metres of chicken wire.The rectangle is twice as lengthy as it is wide.What are its dimensions?



A rectangle has 2 sets of equal sides. Denote those oppowebsite sides by, say, $x$ and $y$, respectively. Hence the perimeter is provided by $2x+2y = 75$ which means $x+y = 37.5$. Next off, we have actually among the sides is twice as long as the other, offering us a second equation: $x = 2y$. Solving these two equations simultaneously offers the wanted result.

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Hint: $$2(l+b)=75$$where $l=2b$

providing you $b=12.5 m$ and also $l=25m$

Kindly go via basics of pariimeters and also locations aget


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