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These are a few excellent posts that really display why we feel that incorporating the outdoors and also movement into our kids" discovering is so incredibly important!

"Why so many children can’t sit still in school today" - The Washington Post

"Want youngsters to listen more, fidgain less? Try even more recess... this college did" - Today

"Turns Out Monkey Bars And Kickball Might Be Good For The Brain" - NPR

"THE UNSAFE CHILD: Less Outdoor Play is Camaking use of More Harm than Good" - Children and also Nature Network

This is an excellent write-up about how colleges external of Boston are making use of gardens not just to teach their students, but they use the garden to stock their institution kitchen year-round! We can not wait to carry out the exact same at Red Oak!

“"It’s not simply about plants and healthy and balanced food. It’s a method for children to learn how to review and also gain excited around writing and also for them to understand the principles of scientific research and also math.’"

"As more gardens sprout, institutions find brand-new method to reach students" - Boston Globe

"Outdoor learning "increases children"s development" - BBC

We begin eextremely session with a complete hour of unstructured outdoor time which permits our students to prepare "for higher-level finding out experiences." This short article explains the science of why this is so important

"Longer Recess, Stronger Child Development" - Edutopia.org

"If children truly acquired hrs of totally free play via friends every day both throughout school and also external of college, they would certainly learn the necessary skills of negotiation, trading, conflict-resolution, empathy, kindness, sharing, compassion, and also so much more.”

This article articulates exactly why at Red Oak we desire some unstructured time throughout school hrs, and also why homework-related at Red Oak may be to spend an hour exterior without grvery own ups collecting specimens for a science leskid or practicing their creating skills by journaling about what they"re suffering exterior.

"Why adults have to speak trying so darn hard to control just how youngsters play" - The Washington Post

What a great method to learn about how democracy works, as opposed to simply reading about it.

See more: How Do You Get Blue Toads In Super Mario Run, How To Get Purple/Yellow Toads In Toad Rally

What execute the rules look like in our initially year at Red Oak?

"A Community Of Their Own Creation" - Teacher Tom

The Antioch School gets some much-deoffered national press! Teaching kids using autonomous methods and valuing social/emotional advance as a lot as (if not MORE than) academics is NOT a new concept. Not only that, yet this impressive school mirrors just how EFFECTIVE it can be.

"Why this college doesn’t have tests, grades or homework" - The Washington Times

At Red Oak we do not assign homejob-related, but we will certainly provide suggestions for just how to extfinish discovering at home!

"Research Finds The Effects Of Homeoccupational On Elementary School Students, And The Results Are Surprising" - Lifehack