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ReadyBoost is a Windows attribute to boost random check out access rate to the difficult drive, that can rate up your computer. It has actually been introduced in Windows Vista and also was considerably improved in Windows 10. For instance, in Windows 10 it is possible to usage all the flash drives that are connected to your computer for ReadyBoost at when.

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General information

ReadyBoost in Windows 10 permits you to use your flash memory gadgets to speed up you computer system.

You have the right to readjust exactly how a lot area on your flash memory tool may be dedicated to ReadyBoost and also store your data in unoffered room. The information, that is had on a flash drive need to not be deleted or corrupted once you start using the gadget for ReadyBoost.

Software requirements

To usage ReadyBoost in Windows 10 make sure that SuperFetch is enabled. ReadyBoost will not work if the SuperFetch organization is stopped or disabled.

Hardware requirements

To use ReadyBoost you need a USB flash drive or flash memory card through the complying with capabilities:

1-32 GB of free space; Data carry rate of at leastern 3.5 Mbit/s; USB 2.0 assistance (or higher).

Most of the modern flash memory devices might be provided for ReadyBoost. If an equipment cannot be used, Windows 10 screens the error message.

For finest performance results it is recommfinished to use a flash memory gadget with available space of at least double the amount of memory (RAM) in your computer, and preferably 4 times as a lot memory.

On a solitary computer you deserve to usage from 1 to 8 flash memory devices synchronously (approximately 256 GB total).

When ReadyBoost is enabled Windows 10 creates the ReadyBoost.sfcache file in the root of the flash memory tool. To use more than 4 GB on a solitary flash drive, you should format it with the NTFS file mechanism.

If at leastern one solid-state drive (SSD) is connected to your computer system, then ReadyBoost can be unaccessible, because some solid state drives are functioning much faster than flash memory tools and also unmost likely to advantage from ReadyBoost.

Enable ReadyBoost

1. Connect a flash memory gadget to your computer.

2. Open the This PC folder, right-click on the flash drive and also in the showed up conmessage menu select Properties.

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3. In the drive properties window switch to the ReadyBoost tab.

4. Click Use this device and relocate the slider to change how a lot room on the device you are prepared to offer ReadyBoost.


Note. If you click Dedicate this tool to ReadyBoost, then readyBoost takes all the available room on the tool (not more that 32 GB).


5. Click on the OK button.

Note. The specified amount of area may be changed at any kind of time making use of the very same slider.

Disable ReadyBoost

1. Placed a flash memory device, that is allowed to usage for ReadyBoost, right into your computer.

2. Open This PC, right-click the flash drive and also choose Properties.

3. Go to the ReadyBoost tab.

4. Click Do not use this device.


5. Click OK.

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Sometimes on some flash memory devices the complying with error message appears: The tool cannot be provided for ReadyBoost. . If you faced it, despite the truth, that that tool was succestotally used for ReadyBoost in the previous, attempt to click Test Again. In the the majority of instances that"s all you have to use the gadget aobtain.