Turn off monitor when computer shuts down

Have you ever before wanted the power button on your PC to perform more than simply turn off the PC? The Control Panel’s Power Options lets you readjust what the power button does, and also there’s one power-switch alternative in Windows 10 that I especially like: that which allows you shut off all the screens in a multi-monitor setup without the COMPUTER going to sleep or logging out.

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This procedure have to work-related on all makers running the Anniversary Upday and also up. 

If you’re on a lapoptimal, acquire began by clicking the upward facing arrow in the system tray, and then right-click the battery icon. In the conmessage menu that shows up, pick Power Options. On a desktop computer, open the Control Panel, make certain the category view (upper-ideal corner) is collection to Large icons, and select Power Options.

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In the Control Panel, under Plans displayed on the battery meter, click Change setup settings next to whichever radio button you usage for your power options.

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On the next display screen, click Change progressed power settings and a little pop-up home window appears. Click the plus icon to the left of Power buttons and also lid. This screens three more alternatives. Select the plus icon next to Power switch action.

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Power Options in the Creators Upday.

Now we’re acquiring to the meat of the setting. Decide whether you want to change the power switch action for as soon as the PC is utilizing the battery or when it’s plugged in. In the instance pictured below, each option in blue is currently collection to Sleep.

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Now click the alternative you desire to readjust and also the blue message changes to a drop-dvery own menu. You deserve to select Do nothing to deactivate it, or choose Sleep, Hibernate, Shut down, or (the one we’re looking for) Turn off the display.

Select Turn off the display, click Apply, and also then OK.

Now test it out by pressing your power button and your monitors must just turn off. Hit your room bar or shake the mouse and also your monitors come right ago through no account login crucial.

I wouldn’t recommend using this option with a lapheight in public given that the COMPUTER doesn’t require a password when the monitor comes back on, yet at residence it’s a valuable tool.

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