Tumblr videos won t load

Those wondering is Tumblr down this particular day could be doing so within the Android and iOS app, or even straight at the webwebsite and on renowned blogs. This microblogging platdevelop has been roughly for coming as much as 10 years, which has actually permitted thousands to short article brief blogs for years.

Problems usually emphasis around Tumblr login issues, yet on occasion we watch an outage strike via all Tumblr services being taken offline. Also, tbelow could be isolated issues than affect simply the apps, or only the servers running the webwebsite.

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Is Tumblr down on Wednesday April 7, 2021? If you have been kicked out the app, or signed out the website, then leave specifically when and also how this occurred listed below. Also, report error messages and take a look at various other user standing updates, which constantly allude to exactly how big any type of Tumblr downtime is considering the variety of reports.

Cyan Teal

I can’t accessibility tumblr given that Friday.

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Connections been down all day, tried force preventing the application and also clearing cache yet it still won’t load any write-ups.

I’m on the website and is loading but it won’t present me mi dashboard and also then the display transforms white, I deserve to fill my blog through the link but i cannot accessibility tumblr itself. And the app simply keeps on loading and doesn’t show me my dash, i have the right to enter my blog and also the explore page.

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Mroftra Artform

My page seems to be gone???!!!

Brenda Carolina Alcántara Lebr

My tumblr has been down given that 2 weeks earlier. I have reinstalled the application 3 times currently it only lets me login but nopoint shows up on the feed nor my profile

It’s been crashing on and off all day. I’ve cleared the cache several times, was about to try uninstalling and also reinstalling.


And again…..omg……


its a samsung glitch so you must go to your device settings then apps, then click android mechanism webcheck out and also the three dots at the optimal to uninstall and also that have to solve it, hope this helps