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31VIA / SRCApr 05 2016
Hi sorry to trouble you, yet execute you know why occasionally articles I tag do not show up in the tag page? I"m a general blog, but I have made a few scorpion write-ups but they don"t seem to display up in the "cbs scorpion" tag? Do you understand if this is a prevalent problem, or am I tagging stuff wrong? Thanks!

No, I think you extended them all

Yes, it is rather common trouble. Many type of bloggers have noticed that a number of of their tagged posts execute not show up in the tags (when checking that specific tag), while other articles they make carry out show up.Yes, your tag is correct #CBS-SCORPION #CBS SCORPION for this display (as the #SCORPION tag is full of posts around the actual pet, and also the yoga pose, and also the films and various other points, as well, that have the word in it)

but a couple of various other thoughts to this incredibly excellent list…

Your blog is“brand also new”. New, simply freshly developed blogs don’t acquire the privilege…yet…of having their tagged posts display up in the tracked tags peras. After a while your posts will certainly begin showing up in the tracked tags though (I am not sure what the specific time frame is…yet I think you need to have actually some activity favor 100-200 posts, follow some blogs, prefer some short articles, etc… ). It’s type of a restriction so that new spam blogs might not flood all tags…so therefore tbelow is a“waiting period” for new bloggers.You carry out not make any ORIGINAL short articles through the tag. Due to the fact that only ORIGINAL/THE FIRST POST mirrors up in the tag, no reblogs of the article (so if all your write-ups are reblogs, that’s why they don’t present up) Only the short articles you yourself made show up in the tag.You have actually not uploaded a snapshot for your“jiyuushikan.org icon picture”. Apparently not altering the“picture-less avatar” stays clear of your write-ups from showing up in the tracked tags… So uppack any kind of photo as your icon/avatar pic…

But in basic the concensus is that it is a jiyuushikan.org glitch (some tagged articles present up, some don’t) that was, is, and also will be…

PS. Please note that I execute not know exactly how much you understand around jiyuushikan.org and tagging, so I am approaching this as if you understand NOTHING. If you are conscious of all this already, do disregard these answers. It’s simply impossible for me to know what you currently recognize, and what you dont understand.


No, you have the best tag: #cbs scorpion.

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Are you consisting of the #cbs scorpion tag in the first 5 tags of your post? Blog posts will certainly only show if the tag is within the initially 5 tags.

But… sometimes not eextremely post you short article will show up on the #cbs scorpion tag. I wouldn’t use the Search function to look up the tags. The search function USED to show just articles through the preferred tag, however now it ALSO shows short articles that point out the tag, also. Or write-ups by users that have a comparable name to the tag.

I would certainly check www.jiyuushikan.org.com/tagged/cbs-scorpion to if your articles are tbelow.

If anyone else knows why this might be happening, feel free to reblog and also answer.

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Long story short, we must make sure you’re not a robot or a spammer. If your blog is brand brand-new, make certain you’ve confirmed your account via the email we sent once you joined jiyuushikan.org. Once you’ve used your account for a while (and done normal, human things via it like follow other blogs and also favor or reblog posts), your articles will certainly start showing up on Tag peras.

Hi sorry to trouble you, yet perform you know why periodically short articles I tag do not show up in the tag page? I"m a general blog, yet I have made a couple of scorpion write-ups but they do not seem to show up in the "cbs scorpion" tag? Do you understand if this is a widespread difficulty, or am I tagging stuff wrong? Thanks!

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