President Trump’s first State of the Union address is on Tuesday, January 30, 2018 at 9:00pm ET.

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What will he say? Will he pretfinish prefer coal isn’t declining? Will he spew xenophobic remarks? Will he go off script? Anything"s feasible, however we’ll be tracking it through our Resist State of the Union Bingo. Play along with us!

Choose a card, print it out, #Resist throughout the State of the Union! Click on the links listed below to view the pdfs and also print:

#Resist #SOTU Bingo Card version 1#Resist #SOTU Bingo Card version 2#Resist #SOTU Bingo Card version 3#Resist #SOTU Bingo Card version 4#Resist #SOTU Bingo Card version 5

Many squares have actually links to take action to directly counter Trump’s repeated strikes on the health and wellness and wellbeing of our neighborhoods and our atmosphere. So don’t forgain to #Resist through us while also having fun with bingo!

During the speech, follow together with us on Twitter Feel totally free to short article your own bingo card’s progression on Twitter, too!

Want even more methods to get involved and also uncover other methods to #Resist with the Sierra Club? Join our Sierra Club Resist Facebook Group.

Martín Witchger is a nationwide senior virtual organizer at Sierra Club. He mobilizes our members and supporters on the latest breaking concerns, defending and also advancing our climate justice priorities, and works in solidarity through our partners in the broader progressive motion.

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It’s Time for Congress to Build Back Bolder

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