After "The punt heard approximately the world" to Triple H"s father-in-regulation Vince McMahon, and one more punt to Triple H"s brother-in-law Shane McMahon, Randy Orton ultimately crossed the line when he "put his hands on" Triple H"s wife, Stephanie.

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A vicious RKO seems to have taken Steph out of the photo for a few weeks after Vicki Guerrero"s announcement on Monday that she is the interim basic manager of Raw.

The look on Triple H"s challenge told us exactly what was going to occur as he arrived in the ring seconds after the event, and certain sufficient, last night Raw ended via Triple H chasing Orton and also Legacy via the backstage area with a sledgehammer.

Now, I do not think I"m going entirely out on a limb below by arguing that this is all leading to Triple H facing Orton for the WWE title at the Grand-daddy of Them All, Wrestlemania 25.

I additionally think that tright here is a good possibility that this might be some kind of no-dq matchup, probably a Last Man Standing match (I"m conscious they currently did this at One Night Stand also last year, yet that was reduced brief when Orton broke his collar bone), or some other kind.

Now in my opinion this would certainly be an remarkable opportunity for the WWE to pass the torch from the seasoned veteran who is an absolute certainty for a future Hall-of-Famer, to the best wrestler (and character) in the WWE at the minute.


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Triple H is, has actually been, and also will certainly be again, an significant champion. He is fast cshedding in on Ric Flair"s 16 people titles (which I mean him to surpass), he is ideal up tbelow at the height of the pile and has actually been for years, and also the majority of of all, he has actually the look, character, mic skills, and also in-ring capacity to be a stand-out champion for a lengthy time to come.

Randy Orton yet, is the best point that has taken place to the WWE for years. He is, quite simply, the finest they have actually. His mic abilities are peak draw, his character is amazing and also unpredictable, his look is significant, and his wrestling and also move-set is arguably the best in the company.

This all combines to make him the ultimate heel, and also the heel that will certainly sell masses of merchandise for the agency simply bereason he is that damn good.

The biggest aspect that I would suggest can have actually him acquire a comprehensive victory over The Video Game at Wrestlemania though, is his youth. Randy Orton can carry the WWE for years to come. He is only 28, despite the truth he debuted seven years ago in 2002.

This might be a defining minute both for Orton and also for the WWE. This can be as massive as Austin"s King of the Ring win. It could be as specifying a minute as THAT Stone Cold Stunner to Vince McMahon. It might be the beginning of The Period of Orton.

However, despite all of these factors for Randy Orton to defeat Triple H at WM25, I don"t think it will occur.

Firstly, Triple H hasn"t won at Wrestlemania since Wrestlemania 19, and that"s a lengthy time for the WWE"s "top star" to go without a win at the biggest occasion of the year.

Secondly, the WWE title has actually adjusted hands at eextremely pay-per view since Survivor Series. That"s 4 in a row, which I can not remember ever before happening prior to. I can not watch the WWE bring about a fifth directly title change, as soon as many kind of people currently feel the title is being devalued by what is being viewed as the absence of a solid champion.

Third, if Orton wins, that implies a massive heel win at "Mania. On the day once WWE will certainly be pulling out all the stops to make this the best and also ideal Wrestlemania so much, I can"t watch such a substantial challenge in Triple H losing his title in what I think is likely to be the primary event. (I can definitely see Wrestlemania 25"s cshedding shot being of Triple H stood on the turnbuckle title organized aloft.)

Lastly, tright here is no means Vince McMahon and also family members are not going to be at Wrestlemania 25. "Mania is Vince"s brainchild, his tradition that will certainly bring his name right into wrestling folklore lengthy after his fatality. I can not aid however think the McMahon"s are going to have actually some develop of influence on the outcome of this complement, and unmuch less they hit us with a huge shock, I can not see them helping out Randy Orton.

I"m interested to recognize what everyone else thinks around this. I check out Orton vs Triple H at Wrestlemania 25 as having actually the potential to be an tremendous enhance up whatever the outcome, and honestly, I would be fairly happy via either outcome.

Orton is my favourite wrestler at the minute, however Triple H is best up tright here with Undertaker, The Rock, and also Stone Cold in my all-time favourites.

I uncover the outcome hard to speak to, but as a result of the reasons above I"m going via Triple H to win. I would but, like to check out Wrestlemania 25 usher in the Age of Orton, so I"m torn regarding what"s going to take place.

This totality article assumes that Orton will face Triple H for the title at Mania of course, and also that"s not a shown complement up yet, yet all the signs so much suggest towards it so I feel justified in composing it.

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Let me understand your thoughts on what you think will occur, and also what you"d prefer to take place on the grandest phase of them all.