You"ll find this pursuit just west of Ridgeland also Tower. Solving the puzzle will summon the Toh Yahsa shrine, where you have the right to acquire the shock resistant Rubber Armor. Here"s exactly how to execute it.

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The hint reads "When the 4 spirits have been settled in their correct places, they will certainly guide you to the hero"s trial."


It"s raining, however you can use this ledge to climb up onto the increased platform in the facility of the location. You"ll see a purple orb on the ground, and also a blue orb up on among the pillars.


Knock the blue orb down via an arrow, and location the orbs in the receptacles of the matching color.

You"ll uncover the ovariety and red orbs you still need on pillars surrounding the elevated platform. The simple component is knocking them down with arrows, and the hard part is figuring out just how to acquire them up onto the platform through the receptacles.


Just like all puzzles in Breath of the Wild, the answer is staring you in the face. Carry them to this allude, use Stasis, and also hit them a couple of times to send them flying as much as the elevated platcreate.

Once you"ve placed the orbs in the appropriate location, the Toh Yahsa shrine will certainly appear.


Inside the shrine, the breakable blocks and the hint "Buried Secrets" will certainly likely tempt you to begin throwing bombs with abandon – but not so fast. You"ll desire to leave a route over to the ladder in the middle of the holy place. If you"ve messed up, simply leave the holy place and come earlier inside to recollection the puzzle.


Starting on one side, blow up one row of the blocks to expose a steel block you can use Magnesis on. Blow up the block in between the metal block and also the founding platform to discover a chest containing the Rubber Armor.

Blow up the blocks at the ago of the room to uncover a pressure plate, and move the steel block onto it via Magnesis. This opens up the door at the height of the ladder.

Head over to the ladder using the blocks you left undamaged, and also blow up these last blocks to uncover the last ladder approximately collect your Spirit Orb.

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Before you leave the location, be sure to find the Korok burrowing about external.

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