Transfer contacts from nokia to iphone

Summary: If you switch from Nokia to the new iPhone 12 / 11 / XS / XR / X, you might be worried about the transmission of all your information - contact, SMS, music, photos, videos, speak to logs, and so on With this solution, you can easily Transfer Contacts from Nokia to iPhone 12/11/XS/XR/X.

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With the advancement of iPhone,specifically the birth of iOS 11. More and more people go to Apple retail save to purchase a brand also brand-new iPhone.It is no doubt that iPhone has came to be most well-known smartphone everywhere the civilization. You have the right to check out iPhone users anywhere approximately you such as supersector chain,coffee shops,public libraries,College campus.Many kind of friends around you are changing their cellphones from Nokia phone to iPhone and you likewise made a changing. And now you discover yourself in need of copying your Nokia contacts to your new iPhone. For these objective we have prepared this tutorial for you to move your Nokia phone contacts to brand-new iPhone.

The a lot of efficient method to Transfer Contacts from Nokia to iPhoneAndroid data Switch-is a very recommended multi-platforms(assistance Android,Symbian and iOS) phone deliver,you have the right to directly move contacts between Nokia phone and iPhone in a a lot less complicated and less complicated way. It is also more gratifying that with Android data Switch,you can transport not just contacts but likewise SMS, music, videos, photos and also more.The overview as listed below is going to show you exactly how to carry your contacts from Nokia phone to iPhone X/8/7/6S/6/5S/5/4S/4.

Transfer contacts from Nokia to iPhone
Part 1:3 Steps to Transfer File from Android to iPhone in 1 Click
Part 2: Free Ways to Transfer File from Android to iPhone

Tip 1.Run the Android to iPhone File Transfer Tool

Run dr.fone - Switch, the finest Android to iPhone information move tool on the computer, and also you will certainly view the home window as follows. After then, attach your Android phone and your iPhone through the computer system via USB cables respectively. Make certain that both gadgets deserve to be effectively detected by your computer.


Tip 2.Choose "Switch" feature

In the main home window, choose the "Switch" mode, and you will certainly view the program displays as follows. You can usage the "Flip" switch to switch the places of your phones and make certain that the iPhone is the location one.


Step 3.Transfer SMS, Contacts, Calendar, Photos, Video and also Music from Android to iPhone

After then, you have the right to check out that all contents that have the right to be transferred are listed in the middle of the home window. Check the wanted records and click "Start Transfer". A little dialog pops up, informing you the portion of the progression bar. Throughout the procedure, never before to disaffix either tool. Then all the data will be transferred from Android to iPhone.


Part 2: Free Ways to Transfer Data from Android to iPhone

1.Transfer contacts from Android to iPhone (10 MINS)

Tocarry Android contactsto iPhone, you have the right to save all contacts on the Android SD card, and also uppack to your accounts, like Google, Yahoo!, iCloud, and then sync to your iPhone. In the complying with part, I"d prefer to show you exactly how to make it using Google account.

Step 1.On your Android phone, go to Contacts app. Tap the button on the left of the home button to show the food selection list. TapImport/Export.


Step 2.ClickExport toUSB storage>OK to conserve the contact list to your SD card. Connect your Android phone through your computer system by means of a USB cable as a disk. Open the SD card file to export the vCard file to your computer.


Step 3.Open your Gmail webpage on your computer system. ClickGmail> clickContactsto show the contact regulate panel. ClickMore>Import…. > clickChoose Fileto pick the vCard file you have conserved in measures 2 to import it.


Step 4.On your iPhone, clickSettings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars>Add Account...

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>Google. Log in via your Gmial account and tapNextto end up the setup. Turn on Contacts. Then, contacts will certainly be synced to your iPhone).


2.Sync Notes, Email and Calendars from Android to iPhone (10 MINS)

Your Android phone functions the Google sync and reap syncing all your crucial calendars to Google account. Great. You can sync calendars from Google to iPhone conveniently. Combine these 2 actions, you can carry data from Android to iPhone properly.

Follow the straightforward measures below:

Tip 1.On your Android phone, clickSettings. Scroll down the screen to uncover Account & sync. Find your Gmail account and tapSync Calendars. Then, tap Sync Now to upday the calendars to your Gmail account. Contacts can also be synced at the very same time.

Step 2.On your iPhone 6s (Plus), tapSettingsand also go toMail, Contacts, Calendarsand also clickAdd Account…. Choose Gmail and also enter your Gmail account information, favor name, email attend to, password. TapNextand rotate on Calendars, Email and Keep in mind. Then, the syncing process starts.


3.Transfer Music and Video from Android to iPhone (10 MINS)

Can"t wait to carry music and video on your Android phone to the iPhone? No difficulty. iTunes have the right to do that for you conveniently.

Step 1.Connect your Android phone to the computer system and conserve music and videos on it to the computer system. Install iTunes on the computer. Run it and get your iPhone connected via a USB cable.


Step 2.In the iTunes Window, clickFile>Add Folder to Library…. Browse your computer system to uncover the music and also video folder and also transport video and music to iTunes Library.


Step 3.Click your iPhone under DEVICES to get the iPhone manage panel. ClickMusictab >Sync Music. Tick your wanted music or playlists and also clickApply.


Step 4.To carry video from Android to iPhone, you deserve to clickMovies,TV Showsor others video categories. Then, Tick your wanted videos and also clickApply.


4.Get Android Apps on iPhone (60 MINS)

What to run Android apps on iPhone? To your regret, Android apps do not occupational on the iPhone (iOS 11 supported). However before, many Android apps have iPhone versions or replacements that do the very same things. You have the right to search and gain such apps from App Store in iTunes conveniently.

Furthermore, if some apps needs you to create an account for playing or stores your information in the cloud, the information will come through you when moving to the iPhone. Or, the information will certainly be lost after install them on your brand-new iPhone. Therefore, after switching from Android to iPhone, you deserve to get what you want from the App Store or search the internet for obtaining the finest complimentary apps for iPhone.


5.Transfer Photos from Android to iPhone (10 MINS, Free Way)

You probably do not desire to shed numerous hundreds of photos which record your priceless memories. Here is a way out. To transport Android photos to iPhone, you have the right to attract support from iTunes.

At the incredibly beginning, mount your Android phone on the computer system as a USB drive. Drag and drop all your preferred photos in a folder on your computer system. Connect your iPhone to computer system by plugging in a USB cable. By clicking your iPhone, you acquire the regulate panel. Go to Photos and also tickSync Photos fromand also uncover the photo folder. Go to the lower right corner and clickApplyto sync photos from Android to iPhone.

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6.Sync documents to iPhone from Android (20 MINS, Free Way)

Want to lug your papers, choose Excel, PPT, PDF, TXT, DOC and more to your brand-new iPhone for viewing on the go? To make it, Dropbox is a great helper for you. It lets you upfill your wanted records to to cloud without any kind of hassle. Then, launch the Dropbox on your iPhone to watch or edit any records you want.