Touchpad server

Transform your phone into a wiremuch less computer mouse, key-board, remote desktop,trackpad and also more. Downpack this app for iOS and Andriod.

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> Simulates mouse-click, touchpad gesture regulate, cursor activity, drag-and-drop, message selection etc.

> Full QWERTY keyboard through key-combicountry assistance e.g. ALT+Fn and also CTRL+C etc.

> Supports Voice-To-Text conversion and also instant display screen of transcribed text on your computer


> Remote desktop logon through full regulate.

> Game-mode attribute with joystick simulation, allows easy regulate e.g. flying, jumping and shooting action in PC based games.

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> Power off your COMPUTER from your bedroom


Install computer mouse server on your computer.

Connect to the exact same network.

Make certain your smartphone and also computer system are linked to the exact same network-related, e.g exact same WiFi AP.

Diamond Phoenix

It"s such an excellent app to usage if you foracquired were your mouse is or you dont have actually one yet and it additionally works as a keyboard you likewise have the right to buy various other in app purchases. Great app.

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Sr Bielzynho

Muito bom agr que tenho outro comoutador eu tenho 3 computador e 1 pc agr posso controlar com o cll fasinho sem fica mechencarry out de mais na tecla perform Computador (Amei) o app.

john campbell

Works very well. Though some of the functions need payment to usage them, the a lot of vital ones are cost-free to usage (mouse pad, keyboard). if you pay you get accessibility to a couple of various other things consisting of (keyboard via device commands eg.Ctrl+Alt+Del ect, and also a Controller with a Dpad and 4 action buttons) I am extremely impressed with exactly how easy this is to use and It takes incredibly little bit time to put up. thank you for the app!


最高。音量操作とスクリーンショットが地味に嬉しい。 ドラッグは画面下のキーを押しながら画面で操作するか、3本の指で同時押しすると出来ます。

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Your use of Mousage server is cost-free of charge in exadjust for safely making use of some of your device"s resources (WiFi and extremely limited cellular data), and also only as soon as you are not utilizing your tool. You might revolve this off from the settings menu. Please visit our TOS for additionally indevelopment.

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