Then the LORD put forth his hand also, and touched my mouth. And the LORD said unto me, Behost, I have actually put my words in thy mouth (Jer. 1:9 KJV)


God touched human being in the bibles, and also He proceeds to touch others now. One thing is sure after God touches anyone: His touch creates an experience via a irreversible transdevelopment. But first, let us understand what the touch of God is, provided that God does not have actually a physical body.

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God touched Jeremiah’s mouth in aprophetic vision. Recognizing that Jeremiah’s suffer was aprophetic visionis crucial to knowledge this passage. God is not a humale being and also does not have a physical hand also. However before, He frequently reveals Himself in humale form in prophetic visions. Jeremiah likely witnessed a physical hand also of the Lord touching his mouth. In addition, he most likely felt the touch(physically) yet in the visionary state.

Jeremiah’s experience reveals three necessary components of the touch of God. First, God reached out His hand( symbolic) to touch Jeremiah. 2nd, the hand contacted Jeremiah’s body. Third, Jeremiah felt the touch. That touch unleashed the prophetic in Jeremiah’s life.

God’s touch is not limited to visions, as in Jeremiah’s situation. What Jeremiah sawsymbolicallyas a physical hand also is God’s power. The touch of God, in essence, is God’s power contacting us to affect or adjust our stays. He might touch our bodies, hearts, or even circumstances; this magnificent touch have the right to take place as we obtain the Word, pray or when someone ministers to us. Similarly, He have the right to touch you via a vision, as in Jeremiah’s instance.

So God continues to touch people this particular day as His power contacts us to change our lives to lug us right into divine experiences. 

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Please meditate on Jeremiah 1:9 above as you put yourself in Jeremiah’s place.

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Apply the Word

This is the good news: you can provoke the touch of God. If God does not touch you, touch Him to initiate His touch! That is what the woguy through the issue of blood did( Matt. 9:20). When you thrive in understanding, stretch your confidence, look for Him in prayer, and so on, you are provoking a divine touch. Remember, ask, seek and also knock!


Ask the Father to touch you in that place of require.

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