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(Pan the room.)Random use of candles, empty bottles, and clothAnd deserve to you watch me via this fan?(Slo-mo dove.)Creepy doll, a window, and also what looks like a bathrobeThen, a dim-lit shot of dangling balls(Metaphor?) Close-up of some candles, and significantly posingThen, stock footage of a moon in the sky(Bottle swarm.)Messing up my close-up via a floating blue curtainNow, let's watch who's coming in from outside(Double doors open up.)Why aren't I reacting in this shot?(Ringo Starr? Lined eyes.)
Guess I should be acting, however I'm not(Door's ajar.)Wander with a hall via doors that magically openAnd this classroom has a fan(Open shirts.)Now it's getting creepy. You have the right to tell by my staringIt's a long time given that I've been via a man(Stupid chair.)Emo Kid is throwing Slo-Mo Dove at my faceI guess that implies that he just flipped me the bird(Locker room.)Staring at the swim team gets you eliminated by a gangOf dancing ninja males who recognize exactly how to twirl(Spin roughly. Ninjas!)Then, a bunch of preppies make a toast
(Drinking wine. Douchebags!)Most of it simply ends up on the floorAnd they shouldn't fence at nightOr they're going to hurt the gymnastsWhy do they play footround inside?Here's an additional shot of fencingAnd I've largely been lit from behindWatch these shadows run offI walk onto a terrace, wbelow I think I'm aloneBut Arthur Fonzarelli's obtained an army of clones(Fonzie's been cloned!)They perform the Macarena, yet I'm still not impressedThey beg for me to dance via themBut not in this dress!I'll pose prefer Rocky tonight!I'm running up a bunch of stairs(Spilgrimage football, and also surpclimb mirror!)Here's wright here I pretend to be Eva PerónLook at me, I'm lifting my armsThere's nopoint else to shootSo zoom camera under this archLeaning on myself, 'cause there's 2 of me hereBut now, there's only one in this shotI pull my feathered hairWhenever before I watch floating cloth

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(Blind possessed choir boys.)Get out of my way! I've gotta pee!(Zombie cult?)Never before mind. I simply went on the floor!Now I have to discover a mop!(Look at me now!)Emo Kid wears as well much make-upNow, watch a bunch of half-naked men...(Hairless chests.) they dance around in diapersAnd I've joined the Glee Club of the Damned(Reference joke!)Look, the fog machine's on!What type of private institution would let in these kind of guys?It started out as Hogwarts, currently it's Lord of the Flies!(I hated that book.)I'm swaying side to sideThese dancers should stopThe gayest guy on earth would certainly speak to this over the top!I whip my head to the right!I'll never before go to church again(I think I lost a call lens.)When did spazzing out qualify as a dance?Kneeling like I wanna throw upWhat the effing crap?That angel man just felt me up!Here's a line of men. I was wearing a dressBut now, they've acquired me wearing a suitOne kid's running lateI think he's too young for this schoolI'm entirely shaking his hand(Mullet through headlights?)(Over-surprised guy.)(Weirded out.)(Oo-wee-oo hoo hoo...)