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An outside drive that features a new flash innovation – but does it deliver?

ByDesire Athow05 June 2018


Our Verdict

The Toshiba XS700 is an average drive at best. There are other external SSDs that are cheaper and boast greater performance levels.

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Usage and also performance

The drive, which was announced at CES 2018 earlier this year, should in theory likewise be accessible from a Type-C compatible smartphone, but we couldn’t gain our Pixel 2 XL to read from it despite the condition light of the XS700 glowing.

There’s no bundled software application but you will gain an extensive suite of utilities from Toshiba’s website bundled as an SSD administration software application pack; simply disregard the OCZ branding. Keep in mind that some of the functions (choose SSD Tuner and OS Tuner) are only obtainable for Windows. You will certainly likewise have the ability to add password defense to the drive, must you wish.

Inside the drive is the NAND hardware that powers the RC100 and also the TR200, two inner SSDs created by Toshiba. The hardware is built using Toshiba’s third-generation BiCS flash memory (64-layers, 512GB density) and also a vertically-stacked cell framework (for this reason the 3D moniker).

Toshiba is among the very few vendors - alongside Samsung and also SanDisk/Western Digital - to make NAND chips and offer them inside own-brand also storage gadgets.


Here’s exactly how the Toshiba XS700 performed in our benchnote tests:

CrystalDiskMark: 422.6 MBps (read); 412.9 MBps (write)

Atto: 458.3 MBps (check out, 256mb); 460.6 MBps (write, 256mb)

The drive has a SATA controller which implies that while it has a USB 3.1 Type-C connector, which is capable of hitting approximately 10Gbps, its maximum rate is most likely to be much less than half this. Toshiba quoted 530MBps and 480Mbps (read/create speeds) which is about average.

In our real world experimentation, it clocked simply over 229MBps when transporting a single 10GB file, which is substantially sreduced than the G-Technology GDrive, for example. It was additionally one of the sreduced drives as soon as it involved CrystalDiskMark read and also create speeds, hitting 422.6MBps and also 412.9MBps respectively, which is within a few percent of G-Tech’s leaderboard-topping drive.

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Using the Atto benchnote, we managed to reach approximately 458.3MBps and also 460.6MBps in read and compose speeds – very decent numbers, albeit in fabricated tests.

The competition

Tbelow are not many affordable sub-500GB outside drives around, and also that, maybe, shows a sector change to higher capacities.

The cheapest design, and most likely the one which will certainly rival the XS700 most directly, is the Ainformation SD600 which is sold by Amazon (UK) for £66 (around $88).

The IP68 variation of the last, the SD700 which we tested recently, deserve to be had for simply over £69 (approximately $92), while the stylish WD My Passport SSD is a penny cheaper than £80 (roughly $107). Both carry out a fantastic different to the XS700, particularly if you are trying to find something a little bit more solid.

However, note that Toshiba’s drive does come via a Type-C connector fairly than a ‘flat’ style USB connector.

Final verdict

The XS700 is a decent drive – no more, no much less. The third-generation BiCS flash innovation brings nothing brand-new to the table, and the performance compared to the competition deserve to ideal be described as average. That said, this drive’s three-year warranty, bundled SSD software and also USB Type-C link are what saves it from being a totally anonymous outside drive.

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A fourth-generation QLC (quad-level chip) is supposed in 2018 which will push the chip storage density to 1TB, and hopecompletely depress the unit price of SSD storage further.