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Newspaper Project:
To Kill a Mockingbird

Choose partners who share your interest, enthusiasm, and also willingness to work-related on this project. No more than four students per team. You will setup, write, and also “publish” a newspaper that showinstances your understanding of the world and also events of the novel and human being and national news from the novel’s time period. Writing skills for informative, editorial, expository, journalistic, and imaginative creating will certainly be practiced.

You are each reporters (one of you may be the editor) for a regional Maycomb newspaper, however not Mr. Underwood’s Maycomb Tribune. Come up with your very own newspaper name. Look to genuine newsdocuments as examples for your name.

All content in the main newspaper short articles have to be true to the facts/details of the novel and also to historical happenings. Any personalities, locations, details you consist of (such as a neighborhood diner or want ads) have to be logical. As a lot as possible, usage the genuine characters and settings from the novel.

Choose at leastern 2 of the adhering to extras per student. (Extra crmodify given for more)
One Headline News Story (with byline)from each group member relating to the novel (250 words minimum) Additional news story Personality profile, a story about a perkid who deserves acknowledgment for somepoint he/she did.
One Editorial from each group member (250 words minimum) Dear Abby area Classifieds, Ads Letter to the Editor
One Expository composing based on a historical happening exterior of the novel making use of research study (300 words minimum) Pictures with captions (get from the web or draw) Ladies’Section—Recipes,Teaparties, Missionary Circles Entertainment Obituaries. Sporting events Comic strip (Only select this option if your team has the skill to do it)
Masthead (list of your newspaper staff)
Flag (the name of your paper)
Suggested occasions from the novel for your headline short article (you may use any considerable occasion from the novel)
The Trial Miss Maudie’s Fire
Sneaking a note to Boo Radley Atticus shoots Tim Johnson
Aunt Alexandra hosts the ladies Scout fights with Walter
Dill meets Dolphus Raymond The pageant at school
The children walk home from school Mob visits courthouse
Jem reads to Mrs. Dubose Scout meets Boo Radley
HEADLINE NEWS ARTICLE: Headlines are intended to carry out two things: attract attention to the story via eye-recording language and also to summarize the main point of the story. All headlines require a current tense verb. Headlines have to likewise provide the reader some standard indevelopment. Think 5 W’s and also 1H and also select the the majority of important ones. In the instance that complies with you recognize that, what, why, and wright here, hopecompletely enough to interemainder you in the story. Notice that only the first word and any appropriate nouns (Bend) are capitalized. This is called Down Layout and is wanted over capitalizing all words in headlines. EX:Bend teacher recuses teens

Summit High School teacher rescues four teens from Newport Beach rip current


An editorial is an post that presents a writer’s opinion on an concern. Much in the very same manner of a lawyer, editorial authors construct on an debate and attempt to sway readers to think the exact same method they carry out. Editorials are supposed to affect public opinion, promote instrumental reasoning, and periodically reason world to take action on an issue. In significance, an editorial is an opinionated news story where the writer presents his/her side cohesively and also persuasively.

TKAM Editorials will have the following: 1. An introduction, body and conclusion favor various other essays2. An objective explanation of the issue3. A timely news angle for the moment period4. Opinions from the opposing viewsuggest that refute directly the exact same problems the writer addresses5. The opinions of the writer yielded in a skilled manner; Good editorials communicate problems, not characters and also refrain from name-calling, individual strikes or other petty methods of persuasion. Don’t preach.6. Alternative options to the problem or problem being criticized; Anyone deserve to gripe about a difficulty, yet a good editorial need to take a pro-active method to making the case better by making use of constructive criticism and providing options.7. A solid and also concise conclusion that powerfully summarizes the writer"s opinion; Give it some punch.TKAM Editorials will certainly use predominately one of these purposes: 1. Criticize: These editorials constructively slam actions, decisions or situations of issue while providing services to the difficulty established. Immediate function is to get readers to see the trouble, not the solution.2. Persuade: Editorials of persuasion aim to instantly see the solution, not the problem. From the initially paragraph, readers will be urged to take a specific, positive action. 3. Praise: These editorials commend world for something done well. Writing an Editorial1. Select a far-reaching topic or worry in TKAM which was/is controversial and about which you care deeply. Inject emovement. Academics teach us that to craft an efficient discussion we must be clear, cold and also removed--"just the facts, please." But an editorial"s audience is extremely various from that of an academic essay. The reader have to feel your passion for the issue.

2. Collect indevelopment, facts, and evidence to convince human being that your opinion is the one they must follow. Make sure your facts are solid. A structure of real-civilization indevelopment is crucial. While emovement is essential to connect the reader, it should be a automobile for the facts to shine with, not a fog to obfuscate them. Eactivity is the frosting; facts are the cake. Few would desire to eat a cake made totally of frosting.

3. State your opinion briefly in the fashion of a thesis statement.

4. Exsimple the issue objectively as a reporter would and tell why this case is vital.

5. Give opposing viewpoint first via its quotations and also facts.

6. Refute (reject) the various other side and build your situation making use of facts, details, figures, quotations. Pick acomponent the other side"s logic.

7. Concede a allude of the opposition — they must have one excellent point you can acexpertise that would make you look rational.

8. Repeat key phrases to reinpressure an idea right into the reader"s minds.

9. Give a realistic solution(s) to the difficulty that goes past common knowledge. Encourage important thinking and also pro-energetic reaction.

10. Wrap it up in a concluding punch that rmanors your opening remark (thesis statement).

11. Keep it to 400 words; make eextremely work-related count; never use "I" A Sample Structure
I. Summary. The Lead – Hook the reader via the opening. A individual story works. So does a shocking statement. Maybe it is speaking to the reader favor he or she were in the room via you. Whatever before you do, make sure you are hocolony, exact, and also particular. Once you think the reader will be firmly through you, suggest your topic and also provide a committal statement to what you believe. Include the five W"s and also the H. (Members of Congress, in effort to mitigate the budacquire, are looking to reduced capital from public television. Hearings were held …) Pull in facts and quotations from the sources which are appropriate. Further research might be necessary. II. Body paragraph. Present out Your Opplace First. The Concession – You could desire to disarm your opplace by recognizing that their viewallude has some prominence. This is good because those that disagree through you will certainly be thinking it anymethod. Concede just the hardest point to argue versus your thesis and also then include a but . . . As the writer you disagree with these viewpoints. Identify the human being (specifically those who oppose you. (Republicans feel that these cuts are necessary; other cable stations can pick them; just the wealthy watch public television.) Use facts and also quotations to state objectively their opinions. Give a strong position of the opposition. You get nothing in refuting a weak position. III. Body paragraph. Directly Refute The Opposition"s Beliefs. Perhaps start through a shift. (Republicans think public tv is a "sandbox for the well-off." However, statistics present most people that watch public television make less than $40,000 per year.) Pull in various other facts, quotations, factors and also analogies from people or sources who support your place. Concede a valid point of the opposition which will certainly make you show up rational, one that has taken into consideration all the options (fiscal times are difficult, and we deserve to reduced some of the resources for the arts; yet, …). IV. Body paragraph. Give Other, Initial Reasons/Analogies. The body of the piece have to include a strong debate for your thesis, complied with by a stronger dispute for your thesis, adhered to by the strongest dispute for your thesis. Save the strongest argument for last bereason the reader will certainly tend to remember the last dispute much longer and also ending with a weaker discussion just invites world to oppose your position. (Taking money amethod from public tv is robbing kids of their education …) Use a literary or social allusion that lends to your credibility and viewed intelligence (We should render unto Caesar that which belongs to him …) V. Conclusion. An effective finishing to the essay is to leave the reader with a tiny somepoint extra: a speak to to action, a vision of the future, or food for assumed. Give services to the trouble or obstacle the reader to be informed. (Congress have to look to where actual wastes exist — possibly in defense and entitlements — to uncover ways to conserve money. Digging right into public television"s pocket hurts us all.) A quotation deserve to be efficient, especially if from a respected source A rhetorical question can be an reliable concluder also (If the government doesn"t defend the interests of youngsters, that will?)
Possible Ideas for Editorial:
Where’s Maycomb’s moral compass? Racial inetop quality and also prejudices alive and also well in Maycomb. Wake as much as gender inehigh quality and also stereokeying in Alabama Stereoinputting blinds men from seeing the truth around each various other Why are civilization so quick to judge what they perform not understand? Bullying is for cowards Class structure and social condition obstacles to tolerance Atticus—wise or unwise to protect Tom Robinson? Atticus an admirable father? Atticus’s closing discussion rocked the courtresidence The cowardly mob mentality vs. the power of one solid individual that acts through integrity Prejudicial behavior boundaries one’s capability to develop completely as humale being Who is responsible for Tom Robinson’s death? The stereotypical southern gentleman and also Atticus Finch Is the fatality sentence morally wrong? Capital punishment has been disproportionally provided between Blacks and also Whites Our jury selection process requirements a facelift. Flaws in our interpretation of the 6th amendment? Is the electrical chair fatality penalty cruel and inexplicable punishment? Flaws of our Southern social code. Why can’t Tom feel sorry for a white woman? Steps to erasing racial prejudice Tolerance is not an eactivity yet an act of will certainly True courage stays in those who summon inner stamina to fight moral and also spiroutine battles. Zealot Bible-thumpers are frequently hypocrites who carry out more damage than good. What have the right to Maycomb execute around delinquent and abusive parenting? Deferring judgment until one considers life from another person’s perspective erases a whole lot of societal ugliness Based as it is upon a naively optimistic appraisal of the average Amerihave the right to citizen, the jury mechanism must be scrapped and also replaced with long-term tribunals.HISTORICAL EXPOSITORY ESSAYMrs. Overcash will certainly be presenting a mini-unit on study and documentation in the library. Some feasible topics: Role of Women of the 1930s: -Fashion, careers, family members functions, taboos for woguys, the workplace, and wages

-Gertrude Stein, Mrs. Wallis Simpson, Margaret Mitchell, Jane Addams, Pearl S .Buck, Amelia Earhart, Eleanor Roosevelt

-What was the typical duty of woguys in the South in 1930s America? What limited legal rights did they have and/or what were they supposed to be in the South at this time? -The character of Aunt Alexandra in To Kill a Mockingbird is regularly assumed of as a “proper” Southern lady. Based on your research, what was a “proper” woman of the South supposed to be like? What was the “social code” she was trying to uphost in the South? Look for descriptions of clothing, actions, personality, and social duties.- The character of Miss Maudie, the primary character’s neighbor, is taken into consideration by many kind of to be a woguy who defied the typical role of women in the South. Based on your research, what would certainly a woman be doing and behaving favor that would be taken into consideration “improper” or “breaking the code” of a Southern lady. Are there any examples in history of such women? Who were they and what did they execute to break the code? Economic Top Priorities of the 1930s:
-President Herbert Hoover, President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s "New Deal," Social Security, Wall surface Street, Statistics: population, weras and also salaries, expenses of residence, food, cars, rent-The Stock Market Crash and also The Great Depression: The Impact on Economic Prosperityfor Blacks and Whites in America- What was “Babsence Friday? What resulted in the stock industry to crash? Had it taken place before? Where/when? Could the stock market crash have been prevented? How?-What affect did the stock industry crash have actually on Americans and also life in America? Exordinary some of the tragic occasions that emerged immediately after the Crash?- Explain what the Great Depression was and also its importance/prestige in Amerideserve to history. Who was President and what plans influenced the Great Depression?-What determinants caused the Great Depression? What was life choose for Americans throughout the Great Depression? Who was hardest hit and also how? What were some examples that you have the right to provide to make the Great Depression genuine to today’s audience?

-The Dust Bowl: The Impact on Economic Prosperity for Blacks and Whites

- What was the Dust Bowl? Wbelow did it take place and when? Who was directly impacted by it? - What influence did the Dust Bowl have actually on life in America? How is it associated to the Great Depression? Could it have actually been prevented? If so, how? Have we done points because then to prevent it from happening aacquire or can it still happen?- How did Herbert Hoover address this herbal disaster and also the human being involved? What were “Hoovervilles” and why were they called that? Who were the “Okies”? Explain the troubles that arose in the nation in places favor California as an outcome of the Dust Bowl, the “Okies,” and also migive farming. -Herbert Hoover v. Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Two Presidencies, Two Policies, One Period in Amerihave the right to History- When was Herbert Hoover President? What condition was the nation in as soon as he began as President? What were his significant plans as President (financial and domestic plans specifically)? What major transforms taken place in the United States while Hoover was President? What problem was the nation in as soon as he finimelted as President? What was his heritage as President? (Ex. What were “Hoovervilles”? For what do civilization remember him?)- When was FDR President? What condition was the nation in as soon as he started as President? What were his significant policies as President (financial and also domestic plans specifically)? What major transforms occurred in the USA while FDR was President? What problem was the nation in once he finiburned as President? What was his heritage as President? (Ex. What was “The New Deal”? What do world remember him for?)- Compare and also comparison each Presidency and also the result both had actually on the nation. What were some renowned quotes from each President and also define the meaning of those quotes.

See more: Legal Maxim “ False In One Thing False In Everything ’, False In One Thing, False In Everything

Science/Technology/Innovation throughout 1930s:

-Television, radio, Chicearlier World’s Fair (1933), UNITED STATE Nobel Prize winners Glenn Curtiss, Sigmund Freud, Thomas Edison, Thomas Hunt Morgan, Golden Gate Bridge, Boulder Dam

Education in the 1930s:

-Educational Reforms: John Dewey -"Experience and also Education, "Level of education and learning -state legislations, Literacy Schools in rural America in the time of the Depression

Education for Blacks in the Early 20th Century:-W.E.B. Dubois and the NAACP: Fighting Against Scientific Racism. Who was W.E.B. Dubois? Give crucial biographical facts of his background. Why was he so important? Why is he a historic figure?-What concepts did W.E.B. Dubois promote that focused on boosting life for Blacks in America and also sustaining their rights? What is scientific racism and what were his views on it? Who were his major supporters and that were his major opponents?-What is the NAACP? What was W.E.B. Dubois’ connection via the NAACP? What was the objective or mission of the NAACP with Dubois’ help?-What affect did Dubois have on the education and learning and also the general welfare of Blacks in America? Do you agree through his views? Why or why not?

-Booker T. Washington and the Tuskegee Institute: Up From Slavery

- Who was Booker T. Washington? Give necessary biographical facts of his background. Why was he so important/why is he a historical figure?- What was the Tuskegee Institute? Who founded it and also what was its purpose? What function did Booker T. Washington have at Tuskegee and also what did he achieve while he was there?- What ideas did Booker T. Washington promote that focused on improving life for Blacks in America and supporting their rights? Who were his primary supporters and also that were his major opponents? - How did Washington’s views differ from W.E.B. Dubois? What affect did he have on things such as education and learning and also the general welfare of blacks in America? Do you agree through his views? Why or why not?

- Exsimple the laws/plans regarding the education of Blacks during the Civil War. What were they/exactly how were they any kind of different after the Civil War?

- For those blacks who were receiving an education, what were their colleges like? What obstacles did they challenge in trying to obtain an education? Who/what opposed their opportunities to acquire an education?- What impact did their education and learning or absence of an education and learning have actually on their abilities to contend with Whites as equates to in the United States? How has actually that had a longstanding influence on ehigh quality in between Blacks and Whites in the U.S.? The Rise of Babsence Identity and Culture after The Civil War.Status of African-Americans in the 1930s
:-Jim Crow Laws: Its History, Guiding Policies and also Impact on Blacks- Explain what Jim Crow Laws were and also how/where/why they originated. Who was Jim Crow? What were the original laws/policies? - What affect did Jim Crow laws have on blacks and what rights did they violate? How did whites/says defend Jim Crow laws?-What connections carry out you watch between Jim Crow laws/plans and also To Kill a Mockingbird?

-The Klu Klux Klan: Its History and also Its Methods of Instilling Fear

- Exsimple where the Klu Klux Klan originated in the United States. What was tright here mission and who were its members? Provide considerable historic facts about the group.- What impact did the KKK have actually on life in America (specifically on Blacks and also minorities? What methods did they use in order to promote their agenda?-What influence did the KKK have on regional federal governments and people in power? How does this influence connect through what you are analysis in To Kill a Mockingbird?

-Plessy v. Ferguson: A Landmark Case and also Its Impact on “Sepaprice yet Equal”

- Explain/summarize what the instance was (i.e. that was associated, what the instance was about, once it developed, what the final decision was, and so on.)- Why was this instance such a far-reaching one in terms of its affect on life for blacks? How did it push the agenda of “separate however equal” and exactly how was this constitutional?- What relations perform you watch between the scenarios of this case and To Kill a Mockingbird?

-Lynching and also Lynch Mobs: Citizen Reinforcement of Jim Crow Laws; Nooses: Modern Day Symbolic Threats (The Jena Six); Sundvery own Towns

-Give a brief background of lynching in America and also the origins of the lynch mob. What influence did they have actually on regional governments/civilization in power?-How did they involved recurrent white hatred of blacks? Why were so many white world supportive of them? At their peak, just how regular were lynchings of black world by white lynch mobs in America? Wbelow in the nation were they a lot of prominent? What were sundvery own towns? How were they linked to lynchings? Popular Entertainment of the 1930s:

Movies, Hollywood stars, Dance Radio programs

Popular music: "The Cotton Club,” Shirley Temple, Charlie Chaplin, Benny Goodmale, Glenn Miller, Judy Garland, and Salvador DaliThe Headlines of the 1930s:

What and also who made the news? Sports, catastrophes, "big" occasions, 21st amendment, crime, Howard Hughes, Charles Lindbergh, Knute Rockne, Joe Louis, John Dillinger, George Eastman

Political Top Priorities of the 1930s: Internationwide Relations, Relationships through various other human being leaders (Hitler, Stalin, Chamberlain/Churchill) Organization of Nations

-The Rise of Hitler and also Nazi Germany: Hitler’s Rise to Power, the Formation of the Nazi Party, and also the Treatment of Blacks in the U.S. Contrasted to Jews in Germany

- Who was Adolph Hitler? When was he born and what was his family like? Exordinary just how he came into power in Germany type of (i.e. what was the condition of Germany type of before Hitler rose to power, what were Hitler’s policies and also ideas that acquired him a adhering to, etc.) - Who were the Nazis? What were tbelow ideas and political philosophies that appealed to Germans and also gave them popularity? Why were Jewish world the tarobtain for Hitler’s and the Nazis hatred? (I.e. what did they blame the Jews for and also why?) Explain exactly how the Nazis gained a complying with and increased to power.- Compare the treatment of the Jews in Nazi Germany type of at this time to the therapy of Blacks in America at the very same time. Specifically look at the condition of Germany type of and the UNITED STATE economically and politically and also explain regulations in both nations that were produced in each to target Jews and also Blacks.The Great Migration: Blacks Moving from the South to the North after The Civil War: - What was The Great Migration? What started it? Where did it happen and also when? - How did The Great Migration change/influence life in areas wright here blacks were moving from and also wbelow they moved to? What changes can we still watch in America today as a result of The Great Migration?- What result did it have actually on the Blacks that made a decision to continue to be and also not sign up with the migration? What relationships does this need to To Kill a Mockingbird?

-The Harlem Renaissance: The Rebirth of Black Arts and also Culture in the North

- What was the Harlem Renaissance? Wbelow did it occur and also who/what did it involve? Name some major people/outcomes of it?- How did the Harlem Renaissance readjust life for blacks in America? Can we still view proof of it in America today? If so, how/where?- Does it go versus what many world in America thought about Blacks at the time/today? If so how?

-The Black Church: The Rise of the Church in the Southern Black Community and also in Educating and also Organizing Babsence Communities for Civil Rights

- What were some of the earliest Black churches in the U.S.? Who started/established them? Give some background of some of these pioneering churches consisting of days, locations, Christian denomicountries, and also beforehand church leaders.- What function did Babsence churches (particularly in the South) play after the Civil War in educating Afrideserve to Americans? How did singing in the church help analysis and literacy? Discuss “speak to and response” and at an early stage Negro Spirituals. - Exsimple just how the Babsence church was critical to educating and also organizing Blacks in the South after the Civil War.

The Evolution of Black Music: Negro Spirituals/Field Music

- “Stselection Fruit” by Abel Meeropol/performed by Billie Holliday- What were the early on forms of Babsence music? What were its roots and also how was it evolving in slaves in the U.S.?- What were the messages and what was the power of Babsence music to its civilization in America, particularly early on?

Civil Rights Defenders for Blacks: Atticus Finch as a Reflection

- In the novel To Kill a Mockingbird, Atticus Finch is the father of the main character, Scout, and he is a defense lawyer for a babsence male, Tom Robinboy. Regardless of all the racism and also ignorance that surrounds him, Atticus fights strongly to protect Tom Robinkid. What did white people who combated to defend the legal rights of blacks face in terms of hate and violence? Are their historical accounts of white defenders of blacks that confronted the hate and violence? Explain that they were and also the details of their experiences. Provide quotes when and if you have the right to.- Based on historic accounts and opinions in study, have all Babsence civilization looked at white personalities favor Atticus positively? Do some have negative perceptions of him as a character? Exsimple why.LETTER TO THE EDITOR

Choose a minor character and write a letter to the editor of your newspaper in your character’s voice. You’d need to choose an occasion from the novel that prompts you to write. Most world write letters to the editor when they have actually a problem through an problem that affects the neighborhood or when they desire to praise the efforts of a community member. Letters to the editor expush the writer’s opinion. While you perform not should cite the text in the exact same means you perform for a literary analysis (utilizing quotation marks, page numbers, and so on.) for this letter, you will must make referral to occasions as if they actually happened. To ideal watch the occasions of the novel from your character’s suggest of check out, take Atticus’s advice and “think about points from his point of see and also climb inside of his skin and also walk around in it.” After you select your character, it is as much as you to determine what he or she would certainly most want to say? Remember, the letters are public for the citizens of Maycomb.

Possible Topics: Why the town’s treatment of Tom Robinson is not fair. Why no one in the tvery own is willing to stand also up against that treatment also though they may think it is wrong. Why the town is unhappy via Atticus for defending Tom. Your reaction to Scout, Jem and Dill’s interaction through the lynch mob. The mystery of Boo Radley Comment on one of the many themes of the book: Loss of innocence Racial injustice Courage to stand up for one’s very own beliefs Gender functions Education, particularly Scout in school Choose any kind of substantial event/layout from the novel.