To Go Out On a Limb Meaning

Definition: To make a big assumption; to danger one’s safety and security or comfort in an initiative to execute somepoint positive.

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Origin of To Go Out On a Limb

This idiom a lot of likely occurred from the exercise of climbing trees, in which the farther ameans from the trunk (or, in other words, the better out on the limb) that a person went, the more dangerous it was.

This explains why this idiom is connected via assorted kinds of hazard taking, including danger by assuming somepoint without all the facts or by trying to assist an additional perboy at one’s very own feasible hinderance.

This expression was initially provided by as early on as the late 1800s.

Instances of To Go Out On a Limb

In this instance dialogue, the idiom is provided in a conversation to explain making a wild guess.

Ezekiel: Hey, Maggie, I’m going to go out on a limb right here and also say that you’re upset about somepoint.

Maggie: How did you know? I assumed I was hiding it pretty well.

Ezekiel: You were. It’s simply that occasionally when you’re upset you begin staring off right into the distance, which is what you were doing simply a moment ago.

Maggie: You recorded me. I am actually upcollection.

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Ezekiel: Do you desire to talk about it?

Here is an additional instance, in which one frifinish provides the idiom to convince her frifinish to execute her a favor.

Mila: I hope you’ll offer me your assistance in tomorrow’s meeting.

Tyrion: I don’t recognize. You don’t have actually a very popular opinion. It will make me look negative if I assistance you.

Mila: Yes, you could look bad, however you know I’m ideal. Go out on a limb for when. I require your help.

Tyrion: Fine. But you owe me a favor!

More Examples

In this excerpt, the idiom is used in the context of a sporting activities analyst making a prediction about future games.

In this excerpt, the idiom defines how chefs don’t want to take a danger on a fad.


The phrase go out on a limb suggests to take a threat, typically by making a wild guess or putting oneself in a precarious instance in order to aid or assistance someone else.


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