Honor and a Penis
Test Run, Episode 3
Airdate August 22, 2006
Production Number 002
Written by Ryou MotohiraHiroko NakaHiroko HagitaTaeko OkinaKazuhisa Sakaguchi
Directed by Keiichi Hara
ADR Writer(s) Joel BergenSarah DyerEvan Dorkin
ADR Director(s) Zach Bolton
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Shin Chan (US) — Test Run

Honor and a Penis, which has actually likewise been provided as To Be A Man...

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, is the 3rd episode of the test run of FUNimation"s adaptation of Shin Chan, and also the third episode in its entirety.

Guest Stars: Troy Baker (Action Bastard), Jachild Liebrecht (Principal Ench), Kate Oxley (Lollipop)

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Plot Overview

The Brotherhood of the Groveling Allowance

Shin, still sulking after being shot down for an allowance, groups up with his father Hiro so that both deserve to obtain even more allowance.

Action Bastard says: "Placed Your Mouth on a Sausage!"

After the latest Action Bastard episode airs, a commercial runs saying that children can acquire their own Bastard Belt if they buy ten peppered sausages and send in the sticker provided. Shin convinces his mother Mitzi to buy one peppered sausage per day, yet Shin isn"t also sure if he wants to eat something via peppers in it.

Hima Nohara in "Laundry Quandry"

In one more Hima-Mitzi concentrated episode, Hima has actually taken a liking to building things out of small objects. Now she"s more interested in building utilizing glass dishes and condiments.

Ench-guy Begins

This episode starts by ripping off Spider-Man and explaining the life of Principal Ench, who, once the night drops, transforms right into Ench-man.


Even though this is the 3rd episode aired, it is the second developed.

Arc Advancement




The plot of the initially vignette is a extension of the plot of the initially vignette in Episode 1, Shin"s Allowance.

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The Show


This episode is famous for presenting the Trust Dance. The line Shin and also Hiro say went with many type of revisions before making it to the recording booth.

Original translation from Clyde Mandelin:

This is the male oath pose!

Joel Bergen"s adaptation:

Being true to my word is what renders me a guy. That, and also, balls!

Jared Hedges" changes for lip-synch purposes:

Being true to my word is what makes me a manly man. Well, that of course, and, balls!

Evan Dorkin and Sarah Dyer"s re-write:

Being true to my word is what provides me a manly guy. Well, of course then there"s always my penis!

Zach Bolton"s last re-wording of the line while directing the actors:

To be a guy you have to have honor, honor and also a penis!

Behind the Scenes

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