This version of the file is not compatible

A certain version of the software can run only on a designated hardware specification. For most of the instances, this ‘hardware specification’ is the design of your CPU. The exact same goes for the Windows version. Tbelow are two types- x32 little bit or x64 little. If you try to run an x32-little bit software program that was designed to be run on an x64-little computer system, you will watch “This variation of the file is not compatible through the version of Windows you’re running” error message.

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Fix – 1 Use compatibility mode

Sometimes the software application you are trying to usage is designed to run on older Windows 10 units.

1. Go to the location of the application.

2. Right-click on the application and also then click “Properties“.


3. When the Properties home window opens up up, click the “Compatibility” tab.

4. Check the option “Run this program in compatibility mode for:


5. Then, click the drop-down.

6. After that, click “Windows 8“.


7. Check the choice “Run this regimen as an administrator“.

8. Finally, click on “Apply” and click on “OK“.


Try to open the application aget.

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Fix – 2 Run as administrator

1. Right click on the regimen which is offering you this error.

2. Click on run as administrator.


Fix 3 – Check the System Information

It’s incredibly basic to check what version of Windows you are using.

1. At first, you must initially Windows key+R secrets together.

2. To open the System Information home window, kind this code and click “OK“.



3. Once the System Information home window shows up, on the right-hand also side, examine out the ‘System Type‘.

4. You will certainly notification that the system is either ‘32-bit‘ or ‘64-bit‘.


This must tell you whether you are using the compatible variation of Windows or not.


Samlittle Koley

Samlittle is a Mechanical Engineer By qualification who loves to create around Windows 10 and also remedies to weirdest possible troubles.

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