This pc is unable to run windows 10

Are you unable to run an application or upday device scheduled partition in Windows 10? If YES then you can have come throughout the below error message.

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This pc can’t run Windows 10 we couldn’t update the system scheduled partition

While upgrading your Windows OS to Windows 10 sometimes this error appears and also interrupts the Windows 10 upgrading process.

To deal with this error from your COMPUTER you might be searching for remedies, here in this short article you will gain to fixes to troubleshoot this error and also the factor behind the incident of this error message.

So, what are you waiting for? Just go via this article and fix the error with ease.

What Does This PC Can’t Run Windows 10 Mean?

When your Windows OS mirrors an error message that says this pc can’t run Windows 10 or when trying to run an application or regimen, the error comes because of incompatibility of mechanism with the application.

Other factors for this error to happen are outdated chauffeurs, regisattempt problems, viroffers, or malware infection. When you install Windows 7/8 or 8.1 on a clean disk, the SRP is automatically developed.

Although Windows 7 installation creates SRP of 100MB, as Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10 creates SRP of 350MB.

Since of SRP, once the user runs the Windows 10 Setup then this error shows up on their computer system display. In order to remove this error message go through the fixes and deal with it.

How Do You Fix This PC Can’t Run On Windows 10?

To make this pc can’t run Windows 10 we couldn’t update the system reserved partition error message disshows up from your mechanism, follow the options detailed below.

Before using the fixes make sure that you are running the compatible variation of the particular app. If you are making use of a 32-little bit version then running an application of 64-little version won’t run and also mirrors an error.

Fix 1- Upday Windows OS

If you are making use of a 64-little Windows version and check out the error message we couldn’t update the mechanism scheduled partition, then your operating device can must be updated.

Here follow the steps to carry out so:

Click on Windows iconGo to settingsSelect the upday & security section


Click on Windows update>check for update button


If tright here are any updays easily accessible it will gain downloaded automatically. Once your Windows update is mounted, rebegin your computer and also see if the Windows 10 couldn’t upday the device reserved partition problem gained fixed or not.

Fix 2- Perdevelop System Checker Utility

If your Windows system documents are corrupted or damaged then tbelow are possibilities that you may enrespond to we couldn’t update the device scheduled partition error message.

Because of this, it is said to run an SFC scan to repair the damaged documents and see if it works in solving this error. Below are the actions to perform so:

Press the Windows keyType cmd, right-click it and also pick Run as administrator option


As the command also prompt windows open, type the listed below command also and also hit the enter key



The scanning procedure will certainly take some time to scan your system so you have to be patient.

Once the scanning is completed, restart your COMPUTER and attempt to run an app and also view if this pc can’t run Windows 10 couldn’t upday the device reserved partition error still persists or not.

Fix 3- Upday the Drivers

As previously shelp that incompatible or outdated motorists deserve to additionally be the reason behind this pc can’t run Windows 10 error.

So, it is advised to upday the motorists and also then run an application or regime to view if it functions in solving the error or not. You have the right to either manually update the driver or you have the right to go via the automatic method.

To manually upday the driver, follow the actions given below:

Click on Windows iconType Device Manager and also enter


In the Device Manager window, choose the driver that needs to be updated and click on it to expand its categoryRight-click the driver and also choose upday driver option


In the next window, click search for automatically upday driver software


This will look for the easily accessible update and also after that you deserve to downpack and also install the new variation of that driver.

Now, for the automatic way try Driver Easy. This tool will certainly not just update your chauffeurs by additionally solves various other kinds of driver issues in a click with ease.

Get Driver Easy to Upday the Drivers Automatically.

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Fix 4- Sdeserve to for Virus Infection

Tright here might be a opportunity of virus infection because of which this pc can’t run Windows 10 system reserved partition error appears. It is advised to run a virus sdeserve to on your PC and also resolve this problem.

Here are the steps to percreate a virus scan:

Press the Windows keyGo to settingsSelect Upday & security section


Click on Windows security> virus & hazard protection


Select Virus & hazard protection> scan options


Click on Full scan and hit the sdeserve to now button


This will certainly scan your PC for viroffers and hopetotally solves the SRP concern.

Acomponent from this if you desire a simple way to sdeserve to your COMPUTER for virus then attempt Spyhunter. This will certainly shave the right to your PC completely and also rerelocate viroffers, malware, and also various other malicious programs without any type of hassle.

Get Spyhunter to Rerelocate Virus from PC Easily

Fix 5- Try Performing a Clean Boot

If the above-stated fixes fairesulted in settle the concern, then there have the right to be a software problem tangled. To resolve this pc can’t run Windows 10 we couldn’t update the system booked partition error you need to perform a clean boot.

To clean boot the device, continue with the listed below steps:

Press the Windows + R keyType msconfig and click OK


In the mechanism configuration home window, click on General TabSelect Selective startup and also check pack startup items


Now, click Services tabCheck the Hide all Microsoft services boxClick on Disable all and then click OK to save the changes


Restart your system, attempt to update SRP, and also run an app to check whether the error is solved or not.

Alternative Solution

Usually, it is argued that individuals shouldn’t interfere with SRP and leave it as it be. This part of the disk is hidden by Windows by default and also don’t alfind any type of drive letter to it. You deserve to just see the SRP by means of Disk Management utility.

As such, to resolve the Windows 10 couldn’t update the system booked partition error percreate the below actions.

But before that it is recommfinished to develop a System image backup before proceeding in the direction of the steps:

Press Windows + R keyType diskmgmt.msc and also click OK to open Disk Management.Find the System Reserved Partition and right-click it, pick Change Drive Letter and also Paths


Click on Add in Change Drive Letter and Paths for System Reoffered Window


In the section of Add Drive Letter or Path, choose Y from the drop-dvery own menu. Assign the complying with drive letterchoice.In this strategy Y is taken as a short-lived drive letter to SRP and also currently you have the right to view the partition through Documents Explorer. After all minimize the Disk Management utility.


Now, open the command also prompt with admin privilege by pushing Windows + X key and also pick command also prompt (admin)


In the command prompt window, form the below command and hit the enter key:



Now, run an additional command also after the previous command also is being executed and also hit the enter vital after each:

icacls . /grant administrators:F /t


attrib -h -s -r bootmgr


chkdsk Y: /F /X /sdcleanup /L:5000


After all the above commands are completed, close the command also prompt.

Open Data Explorer (push windows crucial along with E) discover the system booked partition driver (Y drive).Make certain that you checked surprise items alternative under the check out tab of file traveler.


Open the driver Y:/ and also uncover a Boot folder, in this folder you will certainly watch many kind of language folders favor en-US, en-GB and also even more.Select all folder mean en-Us folder and also delete all of the language folder permanently by pushing shift + deleteAfter the completion of this procedure currently attempt to upgrade your device.After effective upgrading, your system to Windows 10, go to the Disk Management Utility and remove the short-term drive letter

At last, click the YES alternative to confirm.

Once you have actually completed all the above actions, try to update SRP and watch whether this pc can’t run Windows 10 we couldn’t upday the system reserved partition error vanishes or not.

Recommended Solution- Make Your PC Error-Free

Tright here are numerous errors and also worry in Windows PC/laptop that annoys the individuals because tright here are some stubborn errors that aren’t addressed manually.

So, to eliminate those errors and also make your PC error-complimentary, attempt the PC Repair Tool. This tool is really exceptional and also basic to take care of if you are a novice perchild.

You simply should downfill this tool and also the rest job-related will be done instantly. It will shave the right to your COMPUTER, detects the problem, and also solve it without any kind of hassle.

Apart from Windows PC errors and problem, this tool additionally repairs ineasily accessible system papers, rate up the sluggish performance of PC and much more.

Get COMPUTER Repair Device to Make Your PC Error-Free


This PC can’t run Windows 10 error have the right to be solved via the services gave above in this write-up. If you are unable to update the mechanism booked partition then go via the different solution.

I hope that your error is fixed via the assist of this post. Once you get over the error sdeserve to your COMPUTER with the recommended to increase its performance.

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