This location is not authorized

1 Choose the right aspect photo ratio:

Imperiods and also videoshave the right to aid to boost social engagement towards your company.

Google map enables you to include images or videos in your list which represent the productto people thatexactly how it looks.They have particular practices regarded as a photo proportion.

The imperiods should be of JPG or PNG format The picture"sdimension have to lie in between 10KB and also 5MB The minimum image"s resolution should be 250x250.

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The photo should be pertained to the product. 2 The location must be verified:

Admittedly, civilization desire to buy the product which is a lot of virtually to them or have actually excellent reviews on Google listing. So, after completing your listing, you need to need to verify your organization area in GMB and check the location"s condition by clicking the Manage place.


3 Correct Permission Level for the place listing?

Permission levels are prescribed collection of permission which allows the user to percreate their assigned duties.Tright here are 3 types of user; owner,manager and website supervisors. You must select the user kind to perdevelop theidentified task for listing.


4 Are you posting to a Google My Company listing that has actually even more than 10 locations?

Sadly no, Google My business hasn"t permitted it"s customers toarticle even more than 10 areas. If you added even more than 10 areas then you"ll obtain a message from the GMB "This place belongs to a chain. The Local Blog post API is disabled for this location".

Till they haven"t announced any type of changes related to this. If they"ll,we will certainly let you understand for certain.

If you obtain an error while publishing to GMB, here"s what to do: 5 Error: Creating/updating a local short article is not authorized for this location.

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This specific error occurs once Google My Firm does not enable you to write-up via its API.

According to the guidelines, any kind of brand also via equal to or even more than 10 areas is not eligible for posting. To solve this, please make certain that you have actually just selected less than 10 areas for each brand.

6 Google My Company Listing not Appearing within the Drop-Down? Let"s look into a couple of reasons why this can be happening.

1. Make sure that your place is showed.

Visit and also ascertain that your place is coming as "Published."

2.You might be regulating even more than 100 areas.

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Google My Company API restrictions proccasion us to pull more than 100 GMB locations. To fix this issue, you can divide these between different Google accounts.

3.If your listing is part of a could get the following message:"This location belongs to a chain. The Local Blog post API is disabled for this location".

In this case, it is to be provided that Google API does not assistance listings of even more than 10 areas.

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