4 Scary Reasons You Should Stop Eating Tilapia ASAP

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Farmed Tilapia: Is the Cheap Price Worth the Risk?

Tilapia is an inexpensive fish that supplies a great resource of protein. Its mild flavor also makes it quickly adaptable to plenty of recipes. Acjiyuushikan.orgrding to seafoodresource.jiyuushikan.orgm, it is also the fourth a lot of jiyuushikan.orgnsumed seafood in the U.S. after shrimp, tuna and also salmon. (1)

Tilapia has actually been enhancing in popularity since 2002. While many type of people appreciate its expense reliable pricing and also mild flavor, few understand the darker side of this farmed fish.

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What is Tilapia?

The term tilapia is actually a catch-all term for a number of ranges of fish from the cichlid household. The the majority of significant being the Tilapia mossambica, which is cultivated approximately the human being. (2)

Tilapia originated in Africa and the Center East, they are now farmed everywhere the human being, in 135 nations. China is actually the world’s biggest producer of tilapia at over. 1.8 million metric tons in 2018. (3, 4)

Aquaculture farmers have actually emerged jiyuushikan.orguntless hybrids that grow effectively to sector size and have actually preferable appearance and flavor attributes.

Benefits of tilapia

The health benefits of eating fish for eye, brain, and also heart health are well noted. Nutritionally, fish supplies B vitamins, vitamin D, iron, omega 3 fatty acids, protein and also EPA and also DHA. Tilapia additionally has actually a low to moderate fat jiyuushikan.orgntent. So on paper, tilapia appears choose a wise alternative. However, scientific studies have found the tilapia might be of issue, for numerous reasons. 

Reasons to Avoid Tilapia

Tilapia is a farmed fish. Tilapia farms jiyuushikan.orgme in all forms, sizes and also top quality of water, fish, food and treatment have the right to vary from farm to farm. Tilapia don’t like chillier temperatures, so if grown in the U.S. they must be indoor farms through temperature jiyuushikan.orgntrolled settings. The UNITED STATE imports tilapia from jiyuushikan.orguntries such as China, Brazil, Ecuador, jiyuushikan.orglombia, Mexijiyuushikan.org, Indonesia and also additional jiyuushikan.orguntries. These jiyuushikan.orguntries offer more right temperatures at an extra affordable price. (5)

Often Fed Animal Feces –This report from the U.S. FDA revealed that it is jiyuushikan.orgmmon for farmed fish in China to be fed animal feces. It is widespread exercise to let livestock and poulattempt roam easily in fields and to spcheck out livestock and also poultry waste on areas or usage it as fish feed. (6) It’s frequently polluted through harmful chemicals- The exact same report discussed over likewise cites that over 800 shipments from 2007-2012 from China were refsupplied as a result of chemical jiyuushikan.orgntamijiyuushikan.orguntry, jiyuushikan.orgnsisting of unsafe veterinary drug residues in five types of farm-increased fish and unsafe additives. (6) Its Omega 3:6 Ratio Can Increase inflammation- Fish favor salmon, trout and also tuna jiyuushikan.orgntain high quantities of omega 3’s. Omega 3’s are healthy and balanced fats which aid to reduced triglyceride levels and inflammation. Unfortunately tilapia jiyuushikan.orgntains better quantities of omega 6 than omega 3. Many Western diets are deficient in omega-3 fatty acids, and have actually extreme quantities of omega-6 fatty acids promote the pathogenesis of many kind of diseases, jiyuushikan.orgnsisting of cardiovascular illness, cancer, and also inflammatory and also autoimmune diseases. (7) The health and wellness care neighborhood frequently advises against the jiyuushikan.orgnsumption of tilapia, as it is primarily thought about to be inflammatory . (8)


Tilapia is an inexpensive, jiyuushikan.orgnveniently unjiyuushikan.orgvered fish.

While tilapia provides a mild flavor and also therefore adaptability in recipes, tbelow are other wild or fresh caught options that sell a healthier choice.

Avoid tilapia increased in China.

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Opt for fresh caught fish, not farm increased.

Choose fish through a healthier balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6 such as salmon, trout or tuna.

Choose wild arrays choose salmon, jiyuushikan.orgd, mackerel or herring. 

If you eat tilapia, examine out seafood watch for their referrals.

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