This device cannot use trusted platform module

Getting error "This tool can’t usage a Trusted Platform Module error while rotate on Bitlocker Drive encryption. Lets deal with the trouble and also Enable BitLocker without TPM chip on windows 10

BitLocker is a full-disk encryption attribute contained through choose editions of Windows Vista and also later on. It is designed to defend data by giving encryption for whole quantities. Bit-Locker feature included through Professional, Ultimate and also Enterprise editions of Microsoft Windows. You have the right to ssuggest Right-click on the Drive and pick Turn on BitLocker to encrypt a volume in Windows 10. But individuals notification while revolve on Bitlocker Drive Encryption fail with error This device can’t usage a Trusted Platform Module. And the BitLocker encryption cant begin, The complete message would certainly be like.

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This device can’t usage a Trusted Platdevelop Module. Your administrator need to pick the “Allow BitLocker without a compatible TPM” choice in the “Require added authentication at startup” policy for OS volumes.


If you are likewise struggling via a similar error This tool can’t use a Trusted Platform Module while allowing BitLocker and searching for a solution to resolve this problem. Here fallow bellow we have some tips to fix and permit Bitlocker without a compatible TPM.

Before the move to troubleshooting initially, understand also What specifically the error. What is a Trusted Platcreate Module (TPM) and what is the Administrator policy?

What is a Trusted Platcreate Module (TPM)

This is basically a chip that is on more recent processors that have added protection functions. When BitLocker provides TPM, it stores the encryption essential on the chip itself. If you don’t have actually a chip that supports TPM, then you deserve to still usage BitLocker, however you’ll need to store the encryption essential on a USB stick.

Administrator Policy

So what’s all the stuff about selecting X and Y policy for OS volumes? Basically, it’s a group plan setting that hregarding be changed that will certainly permit BitLocker to occupational without the TPM necessity. And utilizing group plan you can Allow BitLocker without a compatible TPM (needs a password or a startup vital on a USB flash drive) to allow Bitlocker without a TPM chip. Let’s view just how to this on Group plan.

Note: As this Bitlocker only available to home windows pro editions the very same thing group plan also only easily accessible on pro editions. The Group policy function is not obtainable on Windows Home and also starter editions.

Enable BitLocker in Windows 10 without TPM chip

Now we need to initially open the Local Group Policy editor to Allow Bitlocker without TPM.

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Press Windows vital + R, type gpmodify.msc and also hit the enter crucial.In the Group Policy Editor, navigate to Computer Configuration/Administrative Templates/Windows Components/BitLocker Drive Encryption/Operating System Drives.

Double click on Require additional authentication at startup in the primary window. Pay attention to select the best alternative as tbelow is another similar entry for (Windows Server).Now pick Enabled in the top left and also activate Allow BitLocker without a compatible TPM (calls for a password or a startup crucial on a USB flash drive) examine box listed below.

That’s all now click Apply, OK and exit the Group Policy Editor.

Upday the Group plan to take result changes Immediately. To carry out this push Success + R on run Type gpupday / force and also hit enter crucial.

A command prompt will open through updating policy. after effectively finish the update cshed command and also relocate to Turn On Bitlocker Drive Encryption. Now This time you didn’t challenge any type of problem or error.

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Hope After percreating these steps your trouble This device can’t usage a Trusted Platform Module error while Turn on BitLocker will certainly be addressed.