This copy of microsoft office is not activated professional plus 2010

A brand-new issue has popped up at occupational. Users have began obtaining a message when opening any kind of program from Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 stating that the copy of Microsoft Office is not set off."

1. We are utilizing Office Professional Plus 2010.

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2. I have actually been working at this task for just over a year without any problem popping up around Microsoft Office not being activated.

3. I am able to reactivate Office making use of the command also line via our volume license crucial from Microsoft.

4. Worked with MS Office through volume license tricks at my previous job (functioned tright here for 14 years) and never had this message pop up.

Any thoughts on what"s bring about this and also how to deal with it other than having actually to run approximately to computers and reactivate Office via command also line?

Which of the complying with retains the indevelopment it's storing when the system power is turned off?



Are you sure that it was initially set up via the correct key? If they were mounted via a KMS crucial and it lost connectivity to the KMS server, it would certainly cause an worry prefer this.


Digital Man

I suspect an upday knocked somepoint out of whack. I recently had actually to activate a copy of Windows 7 after a round of updates. Not certain which one it was, however all I did was re-vital in the crucial, and also all was good aacquire.

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We obtained this with the 2013 version, turns out the shop we bought them from had actually over-issued their licenses and also fairly than give us new ones they told us to pound sand. We will never before go back there aobtain.

jhanigan - I don"t think tright here is a KMS server. The IT guy that I reput was not below when I started and there is no documentation of a KMS server existing (I haven;t come throughout one while auditing our infrastructure).

Digital Man - I"m wondering if this has actually resulted in the issue considering that I had a newly reformatted computer informing me that Windows is not caused (after utilizing the computer system for 3 weeks) and little by little more people are getting to out to me stating that they are acquiring the message about Office not being set off (which goes away once I activate through command line).

Tim-H - We received the software as a donation from Microsoft (we are a non-profit). I deserve to reactivate through the volume license crucial that they offered, it"s just weird that I need to go via the reactivation process.

Look on your interior DNS server and drill into:

Forward Lookup,, _tcp, _vlmcs

That must tell you if you have a KMS server and which server it is. 

Hi jessevas. We perform not have actually a subscription to MS Office. We usage volume licensing to install and usage the software application. The error message is saying that Office is not activated and also then gives an option to readjust the product key. I am able to activate Office using our product crucial by doing command also line activation. Thanks!

Tim-H wrote:

We obtained this via the 2013 version, turns out the shop we bought them from had actually over-issued their licenses and rather than provide us new ones they told us to pound sand also. We will certainly never go ago there aget.

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I"m hoping you reported them to Microsoft for selling pirated duplicates of Office.

Mystery solved! I had the ability to get in touch with the former IT person and he told me that there is a KMS server (not in any kind of documentation I received). The KMS server has actually been out of commission for months after it would not recuperate from a blue screen. I just knew the server to be a print server once I began and considering that it was Victory 2003 I moved printers to Victory 2012 and that was the end of that.

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