This app cant be activated when uac is disabled

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Some users have stated that a “This app can’t be activated once UAC is disabled” error message pops up as soon as they try to open images and also various other records through UWP apps. Consequently, the customers can’t open up their imperiods with the default Photos app in Windows 10. That error message have the right to also pop up for various other Windows apps, such as Calculator, Edge, Skydrive, and so on. Does the exact same error message pop up once you open up Windows apps? If so, inspect out the potential fixes below.

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What to carry out if UAC stays clear of application activation?

1. Turn On User Account Control

The error message says the “app can’t be set off when UAC is disabled,” which is a clear enough hint that the worry involves User Account Control settings. So turning User Account Control back on is the the majority of probable solve for the error message. You deserve to have the right to revolve the UAC on by means of the Control Panel in Windows as complies with.
Open Run through its Windows vital + R hotkey.Enter ‘useraccountcontrolsettings’ in Run’s message box, and push the Rerotate vital. That will open the home window displayed straight listed below.

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5. Open Your Files With Alternative Desktop Software

This isn’t really a deal with, yet remember that you deserve to still open images, and also various other file forms, via software application that aren’t UWP apps. The “This app can’t be triggered once UAC is disabled” error message just pops up for UWP apps. So rather of trying to open imeras via Photos, open them through an different non-UWP software program such as FastStone Image Viewer or Paint.NET.

So that’s exactly how you have the right to gain the “This application can’t be activated once UAC is disabled” error solved in Windows to kick-begin apps. Turning the UAC ago on will certainly commonly deal with the error message. In enhancement, resetting Windows to default settings via a manufacturing facility reset, as extended in this short article, might also reactivate your apps.