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It was an argument with an ex-girlfriend and I sassist somepoint about like, "Truest love." She said, "You're mistaken. My truest love was via a multiple, adjustable shower head." I recognize you follow me however, favor, I;m drunk. I'm-a sing this damn song right currently. "Why Can't You Be?"Are you frightened by the weight you possess orIs this life simply weightlessness?And smoggy twilight in LAI can't think of one real point to sayAnd Robbie Williams is walking in the canyonsShe forgets that we were friendsI guess it all counts on your moodWhy can't these meds be any damn good?And she sassist, "Why can't you beLike my water pink shower massager?A sweet trusted machine"And to tell the reality I don't feel much less aloneMy water massager's the purest love I've ever before knownWhy can't you beLike as soon as I was thirteen?Well, why can't you beLike an art house international movie?Frank and sexy, red balloons and also ennuiAnd aloof to me, yeahWhy can't you beA little more of a mystery?
Why can't you beThe part of me that's missing?Instead of leaving me for some otherSay we're perfect for each otherAnd I recognize we won't spend this life aloneWhy can't you beLike an outsourced government contract?I'm a fat cat gaining ameans through anythingKicking some secret distinct powersIllumination rounds in showers'Cause you're tearing your hair outWhile we can have actually a bed of flowersAnd I saidWhy can't you beLike the chicks out on the road?Some girls are happy simply to check out me'Cause you obtained moxie and also a broken noseYou take 'em amethod from this proseSometimes a blowjob's not enoughWhy can't you playA bit much less rough?Why can't you beThe part of me that's missing?Instead of leaving me for some otherSay we're perfect for each otherAnd I understand we won't go spend our stays alone
Can weJust leave it be?We can liveOur resides separatelyCould you forgetWhat happens to youAnd you and me?When we're deadWe'll be deadWe'll have actually eternityAnd I will certainly spend it allMissing youMissing you and meSo while I'm aliveI will constantly beWhy can't you beSomeone looking deeper right into me?Like JD SalingerWhy carry out I challenge herIn all these surface waysThat you displease?Why can't you beA bit even more at ease?Why can't you beLike a hand also rolled cigaretteI'm not jokingThis masochistic self-pity of smokingAnd this city dittyI keep provoking you to leave me

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She shelp, "Why can't you beLike a candle I deserve to snuff?"You're still a diamond in the roughAnd I swear to God I've had enoughHow have the right to I contact your bluff?