Synopsis: Grief, recoincredibly, and also human call. Brian is a good male - a sweet father, a great husband also, and a loyal friend to his boyhood pal Jerry who"s a junkie. When tragedy strikes, Jerry tries to aid Brian"s wife and also youngsters cope, and also Audrey, Brian"s widow, tries to assist Jerry kick the halittle bit. Loss and addiction are stubborn. The story starts on the day of the funeral, via Brian showing up in flashbacks. A neighbor"s divorce, a dinner party that has a young woguy from the Narcotics Anonymous team Jerry atoften tends, and reasoning ago to a fire in Brian and also Audrey"s garage offer the story texture.

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Director(s): Susanne Bier
Actors: Halle Berry, Benicio Del Toro, David Duchovny, Alexis Llewellyn
Production: Dreamworks/Paramount
4 wins & 1 nomicountry.
IMDB: 7.2 Metacritic: 63 Rotten Tomatoes: 65%
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R Year: 2007 118 min $3,241,832 Webwebsite 536Views

- Dad?

- Yes.

The water is green.

No, it is fluorescent.

- How is it? Fluore...

- Fluorescent.

Fluorescent it means

ignition from inside.

Am I then fluorescent?

Yes Dory, you are it.


Why does he/she call himself to sleep charmed?

Sedada affection is.

Not I understand that that that

word indicates, mommy.

It implies that she has taken

pills to have the ability to sleep.

She shed their son, Harper.

Not tbelow is nothing else painful

in the whole world.

More than to shed your father?


... various.

- Mom"s cousin comes.

- Yes, why?

Not I have actually spoken with

her in virtually ten years.

It is Brian"s computer system.

- Not I have the right to go, you would certainly rot...

- Ok, I understand also it.

Who is Nicks290?.

Oh God, is a frifinish of Brian of the

university. Now he/she does live in Michigan, what does he/she say?

He/she says How you think that

carry out new Sonix work?.

What carry out you think of him?

He/she has actually a great rebound, but

he/she demands something to jump.

Then he/she writes that.

Ok can make it.

- Sh*t

- What? What does it happen?

- I forgained to tell to somebody.

- To who?

Neal, have the right to you take me to Rend?

Rend? Not you deserve to call?.

No, he/she doesn"t have telephone.

- Who doesn"t have actually telephone affection?

- Can you take me?

- Non affection, we go.

- It is well, I have it, I will go.

He/she looks at the address book here

and also it looks for Jerry Sunborne.

Who is Jerry Sunborne?

Who devils is Jerry Sunborne?

- Do you desire to eat something?

- I am well.

Audrey is well.

- Could you give me among those?

- Yes.

Thank you.

- My name is Howard Glassman.

- Jerry.

- Of where you recognize Brian?

- Crecimosjuntos.

Oh, me alone I live in this street

and I financed some of their therapies.

- Oh, no...

- I sit dvery own it.

My wife.

A pleasure to know you, Jerry.

Oh, so you are smoking cigarettes again.

- Hey

- Hello.

- David

- My name is Jerry.

- Are you Harper?.

- Yes.


- Their father was my finest friend.

- Why?

When I had your

age, last week.

You can constantly be young if you desire it.

And Dory has actually that scar in the nose...

... because he/she was running and also he/she believed that

the glass door was open.

But it was closed.

Everybody knows that, Dory.

- You don"t favor mice, they streatment you.

- Not they soptimal.

Yes, that is it they make.

Their suit is squeezed a tiny.

Oh, say thanks to you, it was boosting the check out.

Comely to that cannot make this.

He/she techniques.

- Hello.

- Hello, Jerry.

I sit dvery own it a lot.

Thank you to come.

I am extremely grateful that you came.

Not it was exceptionally certain that you would certainly make it.

Not tbelow is difficulty.

I hated you.

I hated you throughout so many kind of years.

- It is well

- I understand it.

This appears so silly.

It was so loyal.

He/she didn"t surrender, you know.

Many of human being him earlier,

but him not.

- I know it.

- Better I leave.

- No, I require you to remain.

Porfavor could be alone for a while.

- Sure.

- Alone a tiny.

- Sure.


Brian was some 6 years old and

we were in Cunattempt Club,

he/she was swiming in the pool

and all that shelp was that...

... it had been made pis in the pool.

Everybody lost temper, Jude

Addiboy additionally and he/she told him/her...

What are you making?

He was urinating in the

pool the very same as in their urinal.

At the finish it was proud

of what had actually made,

he/she was not a bad boy,

it was calm, you understand.

And I shelp...

... I have actually foracquired the background.

I sassist...

Why... ? Be quiet.

I said: Why did you make that?

He looked at me and he/she told me...

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Sh*t, I have forobtained what said,

it was so comic, oh.

He said: Not I do desire to wet my bat and also what?


Allan Loeb

Allan Loeb (born July 25, 1969) is an American screenwriter and also film and also television producer. He wrote the 2007 film Things We Lost in the Fire and produced the 2008 tv series New Amsterdam. He wrote the film drama 21, which additionally was released in 2008. Amongst his various other credits, he wrote and created The Switch (2010). He likewise co-created Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (2010), and also created The Crisis (2011), and Just Go with It (2011). He percreated a recompose for the musical Rock of Ages (2012), and also the mixed martial arts comedy Here Comes the Boom (2012).more…