Before I gained pregnant through Bryce, we traveled regularly. I can’t tell you just how many random trips we would take throughout the year. Quinn and also I would book flights and also trips on a whim then simply explore every little thing we might. The year I got pregnant was the substantial year of Zika and also my OB argued I didn’t travel to many of the areas we had actually planned that year so our travels were put to a halt.

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Once Bryce was born, we made a decision that our travels weren’t going to soptimal bereason we had actually a baby. While traveling with a child is a lot different than traveling through adults, I have discovered traveling in a entirety brand-new light. I’m constantly searching for tiny communities through cinjury to uncover. The amount of concealed gems in small communities around Texas is astonishing. I’m rather bummed I didn’t start finding out them previously with intention.


One town on our list of fun explorations is Browntimber, Texas. This little tvery own situated in main Texas on the guideline of Hill Counattempt is just a couple of hours ameans from Dallas. Bryce and I packed up one afternoon and also made the brief trip to Brownwood to find what it was all about. Ideally, I was looking for household friendly things to perform in Brownlumber, Texas.

I didn’t recognize exactly how the weekend would certainly go given that Bryce is 2 years old and also I was traveling alone with him. It’s a little bit intimidating packing up going to a new tvery own with a small one but we were invited through open up arms almost everywhere we went.

Here’s a quick guide to Discovering Browntimber Texas and also some of our favorite spots.

Where to eat in Brownlumber, Texas

The Turtle Enoteca – We came across this gem while walking around Downtvery own trying to stretch our legs out from the brief drive from Dallas. Bryce was being a typical two year old and our waitress was the sweetest. She had conversations with Bryce, offered him anypoint and also everything he required and made our visit so pleasant. To obtain began, we tried the corn queso. Admittedly, I had actually never before had Corn Queso until trying it right here. I love the idea of sneaking vegetables in somepoint to delicious.

Bryce and also I shared their Smash Burger that was so great and hit the spot but what we were also even more impressed with was their homemade chips. These chips not just had actually the perfect crunch however were so huge.

Turtle Enoteca available us a great dessert menu yet we were so full we had to pass. Next time we’re in town, we’ll certainly stop by for somepoint sweet.

Runaway Train Cafe – Who wouldn’t love to dine in a real life train? Upon arriving, you’ll instantly be WOWed. Being able to be up close and inside a train automobile was such a fun suffer. Runameans Train Cafe serves cafe food. I had actually among the best BLTs ever through jalapeno bacon which offered the timeless sandwich an excellent twist. I ordered Bryce chicken strips from the kids menu and also was impressed with how substantial their portions were!

As a lot as I assumed this place would certainly be packed via children, once we went there were households but simply as many type of couples eating dinner without kids. It’s definitely a tvery own favorite and I can view why.

Steve’s Market and also Deli –I was a little bummed we didn’t obtain to eat below and it was greatly my fault. We had intentions to however there was a sign on the door that said they do not accept delittle bit or crmodify cards. Unfortunately, I had no cash on me so we had to skip out on it. This is at the peak of my list of locations to come ago to. Steve’s Market and also Deli is recognized for their quirky decor, great vibes and some of the ideal food in Browntimber.

Tres Leches Bakery – This is a hidden gem in Brownlumber that world should recognize about largely because who doesn’t love a good taco? The name of the area deserve to be deceiving but they sell a complete menu, not just sweets.

Usual Grounds Coffee House – If you’re choose me, you’re constantly on the hunt for coffee to consume. As a lot as I love Starbucks, I constantly favor to uncover neighborhood coffee homes particularly once I’m out of tvery own. Common Grounds is located in a residence turned into coffee residence that is perfect for meeting with friends, functioning on your lapoptimal or grabbing a coffee on the go.

Now that we’ve establimelted wright here to gain the finest food, let’s talk around things to carry out in Brownwood Texas. While this is small tvery own Texas, there were still several excellent tasks throughout the city.

The Martin & Frances Lehnis Railroad Museum – Since Bryce is just two, I wasn’t certain how he would certainly interact in the museum but was pleasantly surprised by the setup. At the front of the museum, there are 2 huge train cars that you deserve to walk with and also discover. They are setup exactly how they were originally supplied through beds, tables and also more. It was so a lot fun to be inside of one and also go ago in time to when they were used.

Inside the museum tright here were so many type of excellent version trains to look at and admire. Exhibits include a range of railroad memorabilia and also devices, photos and stories of at an early stage railroadways while vividly interpreting the importance of the railroad to this area and also Amerideserve to life. Also on display are running version trains of eexceptionally size and Bryce loved watching them go round and also round.

Admission to the museum is only $3 for adults and $2 for kids 5 and also over which is a steal. Towards the earlier of the museum, tright here was a small play area for kids that I would certainly carry Bryce to every single week if we lived tright here. Just exterior of the museum is a mini train that operateseextremely Saturday from 10 to 3, weather permitting. Both adults and kids can ride, only $2 per perkid.

Brown County Museum of History – The museum attributes exhibits from over 150 years of Brvery own County background – from the Native Amerideserve to band also of Penateka Comanche and earliest Texan settlers to the WWII-era Camp Bowie armed forces repertoire. Admission is just $3 for adults and children over 5.

Camp Bowie Family Aquatic Center – The Camp Bowie Aquatic Center is a public pool opened Tuesday – Sunday in Brownwood. We can have actually invested all day and night there bereason it was so much fun. There is a devoted space for children to play, a lazy river, slides and also more.

I loved the dedicated area for toddlers and also young children. At public pools it can be overwhelming through little children but having a distinct location simply for them provides things so a lot easier. Bryce was obsessed through the kids water slide and also went down it a minimum of 100 times.

If you’re favor me, after I figure out just how I am going to gain to a destination whether it be by airplane or car, the following thing I tackle is where we are going to continue to be. Once you have actually those 2 points in area, the remainder of the trip just falls together. Tright here are many type of options once traveling to Brownhardwood, whether it be in a hotel, resort or bed and breakquick. Here are some locations to continue to be in Brownhardwood, Texas

Air BnB – We continued to be in the cutest cottage located beside Howard Payne College throughout our continue to be in Brownlumber. It was located within miles of every little thing we were doing. The cottage was one bedroom, one bath and also functioned out perfect for me and Bryce.

Tbelow are many type of perks to staying in an Air BnB versus a hotel and also among my favorite ones is having actually so much extra room for Bryce to check out. Feeling trapped in a hotel room is a horrible feeling and also because he is complete of energy, I’m constantly worried he is being too loud or rambunctious and also bothering various other guests. Another factor I’m a big fan is because of the complete dimension refrigerator! I understand that sounds crazy yet once you are constantly bringing food back from eating out and also not having a location to keep it is the pits. I’m also a big water drinker and also not being able to save many water to save cold drives me bonkers. Don’t acquire me wrong, I love hotels just as equally but they both have their perks.

The Hampton Inn and also Suites – Newly renovated and also a great choice if you would like to remain in a hotel via lots of area. Renovations encompass brand-new carpeting throughout all public locations and also guest rooms, new mattresses and also furniture and a refremelted breakquick area and also fitness facility improvements.

The Hideout Golf Club and also Rekind – If you’re in search of a location to hang your hat for the weekend and relax with no issues or qualms, check out Hideout Golf Club and also Resort.

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The Hideout functions a variety of well-appointed accommodations to suit any type of size family or team, from romantic getamethods and golf outings to Texas-sized family reunions.

Lodging includes six Lodge Rooms, 17 Cabins, Ranch Houses and also 10 Bungalow-style RVs obtainable for rental