“Penned by a Latinx writer, this arrestingly titled debut is told from the perspective of 2 girls and their fathers…Racism, class, betrayal, family members, and also friendship are all dissected by this fresh new voice.”—Cosmopolitan UK​“In this beautiful dehowever, Jimenez boldly examines the desperate desire to fit in as an American minority living in a rich, white-conquered culture. She unveils the struggles of both the upper and working classes with significant empathy and also sophistication, for a thoabout engaging check out.”—Booklist

THEY COULD HAVE NAMED HER ANYTHING is Stephanie Jimenez'sdebut novel—thestory of 2 teenaged girls—oneLatinaandonewhite—questioning what it means to live approximately the name you’ve been provided and exactly how much you’ll go for the life you’ve always dreamed of; grappling with racism, class privilege, female friendship, and familial expectations, set in Queens and also the Upper East Side, Manhattan.

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“Publication lovers have a lot to look forward to in 2019. One of the a lot of anticipated publications we’re excited around isThey Could Have Named Her Anything, a deyet novel from writer Stephanie Jimenez.”—HelloGiggles

“Bristling through adolescent insecurities, sex-related stress, and also status consciousness, Jimenez's debut is a organic for both adult and teenager readers.”—Kirkus Reviews

“In this beautiful dehowever, Jimenez boldly examines the desperate desire to fit in as an Amerideserve to minority living in a wealthy, white-dominated society. She unveils the battles of both the top and working classes via significant empathy and also sophistication, for a thoapproximately engaging check out.”—Booklist

“Offers sharp insights around teenagers from various worlds. Highly recommfinished for mature audiences.”—School Library Journal

“Stephanie Jimenez’s characters desire to recognize, desperately, sincecount, wbelow they could belengthy. In quest of this question, they cross borders and also expectations—of class and also race, of their roles as womales, daughters, fathers, lovers—barreling through their mistakes with clear-eyed hope that it will certainly pay off.They Could Have Named Her Anythingis an effective reminder that moving in between civilizations is hardly ever complimentary, and that the many helpful educations take location outside the classroom.”—Danielle Lazarin, writer ofBack Talk: Stories

“They Could Have Named Her Anythingis a prouncovered exploration of desire: the desire to fit in, the desire to understand also ourselves, the desire to be accepted for precisely who we are. As our personalities reckon via their very own yearnings in a New York City complete of dichotomies, this novel pulls us thrillingly between the Hamptons and also Queens Boulevard, the exclusive institution device and also working-course life. Stephanie Jimenez comes to her debut with rare insight and also extrasimple empathy, bringing us personalities so genuine they feel favor family members.”—Danya Kukafka, writer ofGirl in Snow

“This gorgeous debut from Stephanie Jimenez brims through visceral details.They Could Have Named Her Anythingcaptures every one of the aggressive beauty and tension of prospering up, the complexity of families, and what it’s choose to come of age in a city among millions. I was instantly drawn in by Maria, Jimenez’s sharp and also observant protagonist, and her vivid, urgent journey.”—Natalka Burian, writer ofWelconcerned the SlipstreamandA Woman’s Drink

“They Could Have Named Her Anythingis surprising, explosive, charged with suspense and drama as it travels from Queens to the Upper East Side to Las Vegas. And yet, it’s also contemplative and introspective, an intimate portrait of one young woman, stuck between keys and lies, her obligation to her household, and her own desires. This book kept me guessing, intrigued, and also revisiting my very own adolescence, as I review to view how much Maria Rosario would go in her pursuit of her own life.”—Naima Coster, author ofHalsey Street, finalist for the 2018 Kirkus Prize

“Lyrical, advanced, and oh-so-real,They Could Have Named Her Anythingwill certainly take your breath away. Full of effective, no-nonfeeling girls that recognize what they desire and also who’ll do anypoint to acquire it,They Could Have Named Her Anythingis a timely love letter to womanhood, the messiness of friendship, and the city of New York.”

—Ashley Woodfolk, writer ofThe Beauty That Remains

“InThey Could Have Named Her Anything, Stephanie Jimenez has constructed a beautiful, unflinching narrative about the time in one's life as soon as we go from being defined by what others think of us to unapologetically embracing our complex and liquid selves.”—Natalia Sylvester, author ofEveryone Knows You Go HomeandChasing the Sun

“Stephanie Jimenez uses ultra-fine brushstrokes to paint a portrait of 2 family members intertwined by fate and desire, wanting and becoming. With flawless eye for information, we view just just how differently the exact same city can look, also from the eyes of friends. Tightly drawn personalities and also beautifully wstove plotting reveal the straightforward reality that resulting age for young woguys in the contemporary era is never easy at all.

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As Maria navientrances a tightrope walk as a scholarship student from Queens in the human being of elite personal education and learning, she learns the adult civilization is not what it seems and that bitter frequently comes via sweet. A haunting, unsparing tale of girlhood from an essential brand-new voice in literature.”—Meghann Foye, writer ofMeternity