In the USA and Canada, once someone asks you for "a lift" or you sell "a lift", you are speaking around riding in a auto with them.

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However, in England and various other places, a "lift" is an elevator. "Taking a lift" means "taking an elevator".

Where else in the world does "a lift" not describe, or cannot be construed as "a ride"?


In the UK a lift is by much the most widespread word for "taking somebody somewhere in a car". A ride is unusual in this feeling, except perhaps wbelow the function is to enjoy the journey rather than to obtain somewbelow.

My impression (as a Brit) is that in the US a ride is more widespread than a lift for taking somebody in a car.


In South Africa asking someone for a lift produces two feasible responses: "Sure wright here are you going?"or "I"m going to ... ?", the last indicates that, if that helps hop in and also I"ll drop you off alengthy the method.


I remember "lift" being offered a lot of generally in the 1950"s and also "60"s as referring to driving another perkid to their location. Now days it it even more regular to ask if they require "a ride" to their location. Somewbelow in between then and now the terminology has actually shifted.....yet why? Why was the term "lift" used in the initially place?


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