Does it intend that the timing to be happy is rare, so that we need to seize the day and also be happy?

Could anyone aid clarify, please?


It indicates, you have to not put off (delay) being happy. If you adhered to this saying, then you would choose to be happy appropriate now. Tomorrow, you would as soon as aget be in the "appropriate now" and would aacquire choose to be happy.

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Conversely, if you chose "I will certainly be happy tomorrow," then you are choosing to be sad this particular day. If you constantly adhered to that maxim, you would certainly always be sad.

Obviously there is even more to being happy and also sad than just the choice (well, I"ll leave that one to psychologists...), yet the allude is that one should strive in each moment to be happy, as tright here is no value/advantage in delaying happiness.

Therefore, "There is no much better time to be happy than now" is a speak to to activity, telling the reader to take benefit of the current to be happy, and not to put off one"s happiness to the future.


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