There is an internal problem with your device

There is an inner difficulty with your device, and it can be unstable until you factory data recollection.

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I"m experiencing no pressure closes or instcapacity.

What circumstances reason this error, and also is tright here some terminal magic which can avert the require for a manufacturing facility reset?

If this is a difficulty with a /system/construct.prop mismatch, exactly how deserve to I uncover out the particular mismatches so I have the right to reclaim those?

I"m running Dirty Unicorns on a Moto Pure/Play, yet I"ve watched this on other ROMs and also hardware.

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You guessed correctly. It is a mismatch between the develop fingerprint stated in the develop.prop file in the mechanism partition and also the develop.prop file in the merchant picture, specifically the key.

As fas as I know, that happens when the merchant partition and also system partition were constructed independently from different builds or versions.

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Tbelow are a number of fixes for this worry, I"ll specify two I"ve personally tried and also successfully removed this annoying error message.

Runtime Fix

The first solve is in runtime and calls for root access on adb. We"ll mount the imeras and just make the fingerprint worth enhance by copying it from one partition to the various other.

adb rootmount -o rw,remount -t ext4 /systemadb remountadb pull /vendor/construct.prop ./develop.prop.vendoradb pull /system/build.prop ./build.prop.systemcopy the worth from construct.prop.device to build.prop.seller for ro.seller.develop.fingerprint adb press ./construct.prop.vendor /vendor/build.propadb reboot

Compile Time Fix

The second deal with I favor more because it actually clears the examine totally from the code. If you are building your own flavor, or at least compiling it yourself you can simply readjust the code and disable this function.

The code that checks the fingerprint and eventually raises that error is discovered in


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Look for the adhering to method:

public static boolean isBuildConsistent()

Simply comment out all the code in it and rearea it with

rerevolve true;

This will certainly make your build constantly "consistent" and no fingerprint problems will certainly ever before be elevated.