I"m not sure if the topic is the complete (in which instance it would be "tbelow is") or the vehicles (in which instance it would be "tbelow are").

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I intend another alternative would certainly be to rerelocate "full of" from the sentence, yet assuming that "full of" is left in, I"d like to know what the correct wording would be.


These Google Ngrams appear to present that

(1) both variants are in use

(2) the “tright here are a total of" variation is around twice as common

(3) popularity has reversed given that around 1970.

People answering "it must be ..." are choosing among the conflicting "rules" fairly than an additional (and also outcomes display that they"re hardly worthy of the name "rule").

“Tright here is a total of 378 vehicles” uses what is known as "grammatical concord" (tright here being a solitary total).

“Tbelow are a total of 378 vehicles” uses (at leastern equally correct) notional concord; compare "If a bulk of the members vote for the bill ...". I"d think about "Tright here is a full of 378 vehicles waiting for replacement timer chains" extremely awkward to unacceptable. "Tbelow are a total of ..." is idiomatic for "Tbelow are, in complete, ..." once offered with additionally expressions such as "waiting for replacement timer chains" or "which need brand-new tyres".

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The answer is There is a complete... The rest of that sentence is a prepositional expression.

The thoughtful question is whether you should use what prescriptivist grammar rules state, or what descriptivist linguists state. Both will be construed, yet if your question is about the rules of grammar, the answer is is.

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To stop questions around subject-verb agreement, the sentence would have to be reworded, and a lot of most likely "a full of" would certainly need to be removed.

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