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This line was spoken by Jaime Lannister (played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau), in the episode "Fire and Blood," in Video Game of Thrones, composed by David Benioff and also D.B. Weiss (2011- ).

Ser Jaime Lannister is really a distinct fellow. As one of the greatest knights and also swordsmen in the land, he could be via any kind of woman he desires, yet he just has eyes for his wine-chugging, scheming sister—the Queen Mvarious other Cersei. He"s the heir to the great Lannister fortune, however decides to forego that inheritance to safeguard the king as among the Kingsguard.

Jaime"s wide range and also success in jousting and battles has made him very cocky and also sure of himself. And he provides this boastful one-liner while he is being imprisoned by Catelyn Stark, a rival of the Lannister family members. And did we cite that he threw her kid out a window previously that season? Yeah, Jaime"s a pretty messed up male.

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But because he"s a complicated character in a ethically ambiguous human being, Jaime ultimately learns humility and also even protects among Catelyn"s knights, Brienne of Tarth, from being eliminated by a bear. So while this quote is Jaime Lannister at height arrogance, in the periods that follow, he becomes a halfway decent guy… for a previous cold blood murderer.

Wright here you"ve heard it

When you initially heard Jaime say this in Game of Thrones, you wanted Catelyn Stark to kill him through a huge rock. Now you probably desire to offer him a hug.

Loki, another sympathetic villain turned sort of anti-hero, offers this line in the superhero blockbuster, Avengers. But he gets his comeuppance from an old Gerguy guy, who wasn"t around to kneel to a horn sporting, gold stick-waving guy, that happens to be an actual god.

Pretentious Factor

If you were to drop this quote at a dinner party, would certainly you get an in-unichild "awww" or would everyone roll their eyes and also never before invite you back? Here it is, on a range of 1-10.

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Don"t usage this quote unless you desire someone to go all Jaime Lannister on you and also throw you out of a tower window.