Therapy & Learning Center is a practice situated in Jackkid, TN. This practice has 22 service providers in full, including:

10 occupational therapists

6 physical therapists

6 speech-language pathologists

Therapy & Learning Center is rated 3 out of 5 by 1 patient, and also has actually 1 created evaluation.







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1 Review

Jackkid, TN

My child has been going below for a while he is currently 3...I deserve to say that once he remained in the 1 yr old room he had actually amazing teachers...Kim Enas was the ideal she was sort sweet and constantly positive....He receives his therapies right here ...Several of the office staff are impressive they jump best and aid..Jessica , Meredith are wonderful... Overall all it"s a great area...

Administrative Staff

Medical Staff

Comfort and also Cleanliness

Transportation and also Parking

Wait Time: Under 15 minutes

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