Roethke starts his poem via a declaration of a "dark time," where he meets his "shadow in the deepening shade." The narrator is in a moincreased mood; perhaps he is in the throes of a depressive state. He hears his "echo," his change ego asserting its visibility. He also claims to be a "lord of nature" yet beauty is not all he sees. Instead, he weeps and also his civilization is juxtaposed between two extremes. The heron and wren represent innocence, life, hope, enthusiasm, and renewal. However, they likewise share room via "beasts of the hill and also serpents of the den."

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In the second stanza, Roethke continues the metaphor of the mind"s dual nature. He calls "madness" a "the aristocracy of heart / At odds with circumstance." In the minute, yet, the dark side of his mind prevails. He imagines that the "day"s on fire" and he is experiencing the "purity of pure despair." He likens this experience to his "shadow pinned against a sweating wall." In this state, he is blinded to reality; he can not identify in between a "cave" and also a "winding path." In the last line of the second stanza, he claims that the "edge" is all he has actually. He is on the precipice of madness, and also all he knows is heightened anxiety and despair.

In the third stanza, the narrator proclintends that his madness permeates eexceptionally part of his life. His experience of a "secure storm of correspondences" is relentmuch less. His madness haunts him day and also night. The "ragged moon" reigns over his nights while "midnight" cleaves unto his days. In such a state, the narrator imagines that a guy hregarding go "much to uncover out what he is." However before, his initiatives to execute so will certainly nearly certainly drain him of his humanity; he will certainly experience a "death of the self in a long, tearless night" while being tormented by "herbal shapes blazing unorganic light."

In the beginning of the fourth stanza, the narrator is consumed through dark desires, and also his madness takes firm organize of him. He likens the existing state of his heart to that of a "heat-maddened fly" which keeps "buzzing at the sill." He inquiries his identity and admits that he is a "fallen male." However, in his darkest hour, he finds a method out, controlling to "climb" out of his are afraid. He becomes one with the "One." In God, he achieves peace and becomes "totally free in the tearing wind."

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Several of the facets of Roethke’s mind, personality, and poetic skill combine to assert themselves in “In a Dark Time,” among his the majority of individual and also most effective functions. The poem starts with a violent description of a psychic breakdvery own, a comment on Roethke’s very own psychological disease, and also ends by invoking the vocabulary of religious mysticism. Underlying the entirety poem is the startling presumption that such a collapse may be important in order for a perkid to reach truth and accomplish integration of the personality and also unity through the rest of nature. Roethke absolutely believed this concept true for himself; the end of the poem is declared in the first line, for in Roethke’s watch, it is only “in a dark time” that “the eye starts to see.”

The organic imagery in the poem does not refer to the neat, ordered, and also humanly understandable people of the greenresidence, where development takes location in regular, ordered trends. Roethke knew that the greenhome was an artificial place sustained by rational activity; the human being external was a much various area, teeming through wild and also threatening life and also unexplainable creatures and occasions. In this poem tright here are no beautiful roses yet instead “beasts of the hill,” “serpents of the den,” and also “a ragged moon.” The organic human being is not a comforting area but instead is an index of madness, as outer truth reflects the inner turmoil of the poet. The last natural picture in the...

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