This write-up is even more than 5 years old.Gender, race, Black Lives Matter, Caitlin Jenner. How and why 2015 ended up being the year we obsessed over identification.

(Clockwise from Left)Mara Jacqueline Willaford, left, holds her fist overhead at a rally Saturday, Aug. 8, 2015, in Seattle; Caitlyn Jenner athas a tendency the 2fifth yearly Glamour Womales of the Year Awards on Monday, Nov. 9, 2015, in New York; Jonathan Butler, front left, addresses a crowd in Columbia, Mo.; and also Rachel Dolezal, a leader of the Human Rights Education Institute, stands in front of a mural she painted at the institute's workplaces in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. (All AP)

What’s your identity? In 2015, there’s a decent chance it was up for grabs. Suddenly, the significant public conversation was all around letting go, changing, or grabbing on tight. Caitlin Jenner quit being Bruce and sassist the choice was hers, at last. Black Lives Matter sassist check out me, don’t kill me. Donald Trump rallies might look favor backlash rallies, as public conversation turned to white privilege and the default white male suggest of watch. It was a year of fluid race and also gender lines and duties. A liberty that can thrill or streatment. This hour On Point, our year of cutting loose the reins of identification.-- Tom Ashbrook


Wesley Morris, critic at large for the New York Times. (

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Anna Holmes, editor of digital voices at Fusion and also columnist for the New York Times Publication Rewatch. Establishing editor of Jezebel. (

Alyssa Rosenberg, pop culture doubter for the Washington Blog post. (

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New York Times Magazine: The Year We Obsessed Over Identity — "For more than a decade, we’ve lived with individual modern technologies — video games and also social-media platdevelops — that have helped us create alternative or auxiliary personae. We’ve also invested a dozen years in the daily grip of makeover shows, in which a team of professionals transdevelops your personal style, your residence, your body, your spouse. Tbelow are TV competitions for the ideal fashion architecture, body paint, drag queen. Some creates of cosmetic change have actually come to be perfectly normal, and there are shows for that, as well. Our redevelopments feel gleeful and liberating — and tied to an essentially Amerideserve to optimism."

Washington Post: In 2015, pop society continued to melted its sex-related inhibitions — "Covering pop society isn’t anything choose being posted to a war zone.

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But from zombie apocalypses to middle-age white criminals, mass culture’s existing obsessions have the right to sometimes make me feel as though I’m functioning one of The Washington Post’s grimmer beats. So in 2015, I found myself particularly grateful for movies and also tv that chucked out the end of the world as topic material and also concentrated instead on pleacertain, specifically on what all sorts of womales really desire."

New York Times Magazine: Has ‘Diversity’ Lost Its Meaning? — "How does a word come to be so muddled that it loses much of its meaning? How does it go from interacting somepoint idealistic to something cynical and also suspect? If that word is "diversity," the answer is: with a mix of overusage, imprecision, inertia and also self-serving intentions."