The World is Cruel, Beautiful, and also Chiastic

Or, because I check out world talking around this and I composed this during Tokyo Ghoul:re’s final arc (which came to be accurate), I wanted to be a nerd and also outline just what Shingeki no Kyojin’s chiastic framework is.

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A chiastic framework isa narrative structure used for millennia in storytelling.It refers to a paralleling structure, wherein occasions or motifs parallel various other occasions and motifs. If you chart it out, it develops a chiasm or a ring (depending on if you feel favor charting a triangle or a circle. (It’s likewise described as ring framework if you go via the latter; hence “come full circle.”)

Chiastic structure has actually been used for prehistoric epics (the Iliad and also Odyssey, Paradise Lost), religious messages (many kind of narrative publications of the Holy bible, including Ruth, Jonah, Samuel, Genesis, and the Synoptic Gospels use it), and modern standards in both literary works and also cinema likeHarry Potter and Star Wars employ it. In anime/manga, Tokyo Ghoul offered it, and Bungou Stray Dogs strongly appears to be making use of it (but it’s harder to say definitively or to chart it out bereason we seem to be in upwards finish of the middle arc ideal around now).

So, what’s SnK’s chiastic structure?

A) Fevery one of Shiganshina: The World is Cruel (and beautiful)B) Training Corps (yes, it belongs here): Cruelty to ChildrenA) Trost: Cruel Loss, Beautiful HopeC) Female Titan: Cruel End to FriendshipABC) Clash of the Titans: The World is Cruel and also BeautifulC) Upincreasing Arc: Beautiful Beginning to FriendshipA) Rerotate to Shiganshina: Cruel Loss, Beautiful HopeB) Marlay: Cruelty to ChildrenA) Final Arc: The World is Beautiful (and also cruel)

Of note, this is not me saying that none of the various other arcs parallel each other–they clearly execute. This is just a look at the chiastic framework in particular.

A note about the AB pattern. Arcs that have actually A all have common facets also if they most straight parallel the arc they line up via. The central chiasm includes elements of all three.

Fevery one of Shiganshina Arc: The World is Cruel (and also additionally beautiful)

I’m not sure I need to say much below lol. The story’s opening chapters are renowned for their horror and display screen of cruelty. Yet we check out beauty also in the Jaeger family having actually taken in Mikasa, in Eren defending Armin from bullies.


And there’s even more cruelty in the vow Eren provides, which, of course, he’s currently bringing to fruition:


It introduces Sasha:


Eren’s determination leads to his success in his training, however as we’ll later on watch, his obsession is ruining him.

Trost Arc: Cruel Loss, Beautiful Hope

Or, the arc that consists of among my favorite moments, but also virtually brought about me preventing watching SnK as soon as I first gained right into it.

The arc starts with our initially rematch: humanity vs. the titans, round 2. (Thus, it parallels the Fevery one of Shiganshina).

So let’s discuss that favorite moment of mine: as soon as the 104th teams up to defeat the titans. Even Annie, who is later on reveacaused be an opponent, conserves Connie.


But Eren is not the just one who pertains to an essential realization this arc. Like the Fall of Shiganshina, Rerotate to Shiganshina, and also the last arc, tbelow is EMA focus. Mikasa makes a decision to live on despite loss:


The arc’s final fight is concluded via Levi Heichou reflects as much as conserve the day.


What’s noteworthy about this is that Annie’s partnership via her father is cruel and also beautiful–he plainly wanted nopoint even more than for Annie to survive and also he’s still waiting for her. Annie embodies this dichotomy as well: Armin notes that she is exceptionally kind, yet the human being doesn’t give her an option. She is so kind that she spares Armin and goes along with his arrangement to capture her despite understanding it is a trap, because she does not desire to hurt friends, bereason she wants to be a great perboy. Annie wears a cold mask, but she is truly type.


The Female Titan Arc concludes when Eren accepts the monstrous component of himself, utilizing everything he hregarding fight Annie. It’s not a coincidence that the arc ends via Annie ripping off part of the wall, revealing the titans within. This symbolizes that the structures that ostensibly were set up to defend society are developed about the monstrous, and thus sets up the Upclimbing Arc.

Clash of the Titans Arc: The World is Cruel and also Also Beautiful

My favorite arc.

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It contains several important elements: it’s where Ymir hints at the true foe of the story, and it’s wbelow we start to watch that the Survey Corps could be capable of cruelty too.


Erwin sacrifices his arm, foreshadowing his later on sacrifice of his life, Ymir and Historia assure each various other of their love (practically favor love, connection, and also humankind are braided themes)…


It’s additionally where Eren is revealed as the Coordinate, and also wright here the main partnership of the story as