The windows 7 home premium product key you typed is invalid for activation

Reresolve "Windows is not Genuine" error in Windows 7. Summary:Resettle "Windows is not Genuine" error in Windows 7.See much less Reresolve "Windows is not Genuine" error in Windows 7.

You watching: The windows 7 home premium product key you typed is invalid for activation OEM Microsoft Windows 7 install unexpectedly becomes "not genuine" by Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA)

Windows is not Genuine worries that may incorporate error 0xC8000247

User was receiving a popup that told him his version of home windows was not authentic.

Why is this happening?

Tright here are many items that can cause a "Windows is not Genuine" error in Windows 7. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Windows supplies a one-of-a-kind OEM (device Locked Pre-installation (SLP) vital and OEM Basic in/out system (BIOS) Flag for activation of the operating mechanism (OS).

In some instances the BIOS flag is collection for an older variation of Windows and after a period of time WGA will certainly flag the OS as "NOT GENUINE". These encompass however are not limited to the following:

Time and day not correct on the mechanism, or time zone selected not equivalent time zamong actual location. All required Windows Updates not mounted (Several need to execute through transforms legislated on Daylight Savings Time). Software or driver corruption of the OS Virprovides and also malware
Note: This article supplies just ONE possible solution to a specific WGA issue where the BIOS flag has actually been set, it does not use to all WGA worries.

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What is the solution?

Tbelow are a number of actions that have the right to be used to resolve this worry. Once time/Date/Time zone and Windows updays have actually been addressed, if the concern still occurs try the following:

If this does not fix, try these steps: Click the Start button Type: CMD.exe in the start search area Right-Click on CMD.exe and pick Run as Administrator Type: net stop sppsvc and press the Enter vital. (You might be asked if you are sure, select yes) Type: cd c:windowsServiceProfilesNetworkServiceAppDataRoamingMicrosoftSoftwareProtectionPlatform and also push the Enter vital. Type: rename tokens.dat and also press the Enter key. Type: slui and also push the Enter crucial. After a couple of secs Windows Activation dialog will certainly appear. You most likely be asked to re-enter your product crucial and/or re-activate. For devices it will certainly auto-authenticate. If still not readdressed continue with these steps: Use the command prompt window you have actually open up, or if closed re-open Run as Administrator Open Folder Options in regulate panel and readjust the Hidden Files and also Folders to "Sexactly how covert documents, folders, and also drives" Open Windows Explorer and navigate to: c:windowsServiceProfilesNetworkServiceAppDataRoamingMicrosoftSoftwareProtectionPlatform. Rename all files other than the Cache folder. (example: REN Tokens.dat tokens_.dat then press the Go into key.) Right-Click in the SoftwareProtectionPlatform folder and also select properties and click the Previous Versions tab. Choose a day before the concern began and copy just the tokens.dat file to the cache folder. Type: slui and also press the Enter crucial. If still not refixed your device may have other factors leading to this concern, the the majority of remarkable are viroffers and malware. Encertain that you have you mechanism checked for these potential hazards. If you have actually tried all these alternatives without success, call technological support for additional troubleshooting alternatives.

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