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When you usage iTunes to regulate your iPhone, you might enrespond to various kinds of error. “iTunes can not connect to this iPhone. The worth is missing” is a typical representative. To deal with this problem, we find some easily accessible techniques and also currently we will certainly show them in this post.

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iTunes Could not Connect to This iPhone the Value Is Missing iPhone 7/8/X/5S

iTunes is a media player, media library, Internet radio broadcaster, and also mobile gadget monitoring application that is arisen by Apple Inc. When you forgain the passcode for your iPhone or your iPhone is disabled, you can use iTunes to erase your device so regarding remove the passcode.

Tip: Rerelocating the passcode for your iPhone by restoring the gadget to manufacturing facility recollection through iTunes will erase all information on the tool. Hence, you’d much better develop a good halittle bit of backing up your iPhone information in your everyday life.

Do you understand exactly how to recuperate data from a locked/disabled iPhone? Read this post to learn exactly how to execute this project with Mobile Recoextremely for iOS.

However, the process can not be as smooth as supposed. You may enrespond to the iPhone disabled worth is missing problem as follows:

My iPhone was disabled and also even though I have been trying to troubleshoot it by connecting it to iTunes, a message “iTunes can not attach to this iPhone. The worth is missing” pops up. I am unable to continue from here. Please help me rectify the case so that I deserve to unlock my phone and regain the data to the iPhone.

The following picture is about how “iTunes could not affix to this iPhone. The worth is missing” is presented in front of you.


Without a doubt, the “iTunes could not connect to this iPhone. The value is missing” error have the right to additionally occur once you desire to usage iTunes to carry out other things such as backing up or restoring your iPhone/iPad/iPod, updating iOS, and more. That is to say, this error deserve to take place once you usage iTunes to control your iOS tool.

Do you desire to remove this error message? Now, push the OK switch on the interchallenge and also try the solutions we will cite in the adhering to contents to help you out. Of course, these services deserve to additionally resolve the “iTunes can not affix to this iPad/iPod. The worth is missing” problem for you.

Fix 1: Upgrade iTunes and also iOS to the Latest Version

“iTunes could not attach to this iPhone. The value is missing” error might pop up once the versions of iTunes and iOS are outdated. So, why not upday your iTunes and also iOS to have a try?

Step 1: Upgrade iOS to the Latest Version

Since you can’t usage iTunes to update your iOS once this “iTunes might not attach to this iPhone. The value is missing” issue happens, you should perform the work wirelessly.

Note: If your iPhone is disabled, you will be unable to update iOS wirelessly. In this situation, you deserve to jump to step 2 to upgrade iTunes directly.

To upday your iOS wirelessly, please follow these steps:

Plug your iPhone into power and connect it to the Web through Wi-Fi.Go to Settings > General > Software Update.Press Download and Install.If you protect your iPhone through a passcode, you must enter it to continue.Press Install Now.

When the iOS version of your iPhone is updated, you should refer to step 2 to upgrade your iTunes.



Fix 2: Uninstall and also Reinstall iTunes and also the Related Components

If the “iTunes can not attach to this iPhone the value is missing” worry still persists after updating iTunes, you should uninstall iTunes and also all the associated components. Then, reinstall iTunes aget.

Tip 1: Uninstall iTunes and also the Related Components

To uninstall iTunes and the associated components, please follow these steps:

1. Right-click the Win

2. Go to Control Panel > Programs > Programs and also Features.

3. Go to uncover iTunes. Then, right-click it and also choose Uninstall from the popup menu.


4. Press Yes on the pop-out home window.

The iTunes uninstalling process will certainly start instantly. When it ends, you have the right to usage the exact same method to uninstall the connected components such as Bonjour, QuickTime, Apple Mobile Device Support, Apple Software Update, and also so forth.

Then, you have to reboot your computer system after these installations.

Step 2: Install iTunes Again

When your computer system boots successfully, you deserve to open up Google and go to the Apple official site to downpack the latest iTunes version.

After completing these two moves, you can go to examine whether your iPhone can be associated with iTunes commonly.

If the iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes value is missing or the equivalent issue still occurs, usage the next solution to have a shot.

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Fix 3: Rescue File, Placed iPhone right into DFU Mode and also Rekeep It

Note: This solution concentrated on the case that your iPhone is disabled and you desire to restore the gadget via iTunes however the “iTunes can not affix to this iPhone. The value is missing” error shows up.

The only method to remove the passcode for your iPhone is to reclaim the gadget using iTunes. When you are bothered by iPhone disabled worth is lacking, you have the right to first put the tool into DFU mode and then gain back it through iTunes.

However, if the files on the device are vital, you’d much better rescue them prior to restoring your iPhone to factory settings. So, your first action is to rescue the records on your tool.

Step 1: Rescue Your iPhone Data through

How to recover data from a disabled iPhone? Mobile Recoexceptionally for iOS can do such a task for you. But, there is a crucial premise: you have actually let your iPhone trust your computer system prior to. If your instance meets this requirement, you have the right to usage this third-party tool to rescue your iPhone data before restoring it.

Now, push the following button to get MiniDevice Mobile Recoexceptionally for iOS Free Edition to have actually a try.

Free Download

In the following guide, we will walk you via the detailed procedures to usage this software to rescue information from your iPhone directly.

1. Connect your iPhone to your computer system and open the software program. You will straight enter the Recover from iOS Device

2. Your iPhone will be shown on the software immediately. Then, click on the Scan switch to proceed.


3. When the scanning process ends, you will watch the shave the right to results with both deleted and existing records on your iPhone.

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4. The data species are detailed on the left side of the interchallenge. You can push each of them and also uncover the files you want to rescue.

5. With the Free Edition of this software, you deserve to recover particular types of papers for complimentary. You can watch the details here: Functional Limitations in Mobile Recoincredibly for iOS.

For example, if you desire to recuperate photos from your disabled iPhone, push Photos from the left list and inspect the items you want to recoup. Then, push the Recover switch and pick a perfect path to save them.


If you want to use this software program to recoup your iPhone data without borders, you have the right to update it to a full edition.

Now, your iPhone data is safe. You can feel free to regain your iPhone to manufacturing facility recollection.

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Step 2: Put iPhone into DFU Mode and Rekeep It via iTunes

1. Turn off your iPhone and open iTunes.

2. Connect your tool to your computer and also then put your iPhone into DFU mode.

3. iTunes will certainly pop up a message saying that Tbelow is a problem through the iPhone “your iPhone name” that calls for it to be updated and restored. Then, click the Restore switch to continue.

4. Press Restore and also Update on the pop-up home window.

5. Follow the wizards to complete the regain and upday process.

This solve deserve to fully protect against iPhone disabled value is absent error to rerelocate the passcode for your iPhone.


Fix 4: Rekeep Your iPhone Documents with

If you can’t ago up your iPhone data through as a result of the “iTunes Could not Connect to This iPhone. The value is missing” error, you have the right to use iCloud to back up your iPhone instead.

However, if you should gain back your iPhone via iTunes but the iTunes might not attach to this iPhone the value is lacking iPhone 7/8/X concern interrupts the process, you will should use an different means to gain back your information from the previous iTunes backup file.

Here, you have the right to additionally attempt Mobile Recoincredibly for iOS and its Recover from iTunes Back-up File module.

Free Download

1. Open the software application and also select the Recover from iTunes Back-up File module to proceed.

2. The previous iTunes backup file will be provided on the software program. If not, you need to push the Select switch to discover out the taracquire iTunes backup file from your computer manually.

3. Choose the iTunes earlier up file and push Scan to start the scanning process.


4. When the scanning ends, you will certainly check out the shave the right to results also. Then, select each data kind from the left list and inspect your required documents. Then, press Recover to save them to a safe location.


Still, you need to upday this software to an progressed edition to recover all your required iOS data without limitations.

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iTunes VS. MiniDevice Mobile Recoexceptionally for iOS

After reading the above contents, you check out that both iTunes and MiniDevice Mobile Recoextremely for iOS have the right to be offered to back up and gain back your iPhone data. But which one is your best option.

Indeed, each has its own merits.

When You Want to Back up Your iPhone Data

Both of these two devices will back up your iPhone data to your computer system. The distinctions are as follows:

iTunes will conserve your iPhone data as a document which can’t be open Mobile Recoextremely for iOS will save the records to the computer system as their original styles and you have the right to usage them directly.

When You Want to Restore Your iPhone Data

The data reclaim modes of these two devices are completely different:

When you gain back your iPhone information from an iTunes backup, the backup file will replace all the present data on your tool. That is, if some of the current papers on your iPhone are not had in the backup file, they will be lacking then.When you recover iPhone files with this software program, you are able to just pick the required records manually and conserve them on your computer. This tool is specifically beneficial when you just have to retrieve the deleted files on your computer.

See! Both of these 2 programs have their very own benefits. You deserve to pick one according to your very own situations.

Bottom Line

Still bothered by this “iTunes might not attach to this iPhone. The worth is missing” error as soon as utilizing iTunes to regulate your iPhone? Why not attempt these 4 methods in this short article to help you remove it?

Should you have any kind of question when handling this problem, you can sfinish an e-mail to or let us recognize in the comment. You can likewise share your opinions and suggestions with us below.

iTunes Could Not Connect to This iPhone the Value Is Missing iPhone FAQ

Connect your iPhone to your computer.Open iTunes.Turn off your iPhone.Press and also host the Power button for around 3 seconds.Don’t release the Power button. Press and also organize the Home button for around 10 seconds. (If you watch the Apple logo design, you push too long and also you must begin anew)Release the Power switch however save holding the Home switch for about 5 seconds. (If you check out the Plug right into iTunes display, you push also lengthy and you have to begin anew)

If the display screen still continues to be black, you enter the DFU mode effectively.

Take an iPhone X as an example:

Press and also host the Side switch and one volume button at the exact same time and also then release them when you watch the power off slider.Drag the slider to revolve off your iPhone.Connect your gadget to your computer while holding the Side button.Keep holding the Side button until you view the recoextremely mode display screen.Open iTunes.When you view a window pops up, you should choose Restore from that window.

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Then, you have to wait till the whole process ends. At last, the password is removed from your iPhone and also you have the right to usage the gadget as a brand-new one.