Close to the end of The Thing (2011), Kate Lloyd burns the scurrently car (or did she blow it up, among the two). After that we are left to our own tools on her fate. Was this intfinished for us to think that she died out there from expocertain, or was this meant to be an opening left for one more movie, or did this serve some other purpose?


It's good to speculate but if the two chopper pilots might endure the crash, then it stands to believe the Thing would've also. That would certainly definitely be a good last story and probably might bridge McReady, Childs and Kate Lloyd together to battle this thing.
I didn"t think that Kate blew up the snowbile.I believe she torched her boyfrifinish and rode off.I assumed that she endured, and was not infected.The method the movie ended though through the helicopter pilot and Lars chasing down the infected dog, was interesting.

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I only usage infected here to refer to not being genuine and also as being the point.The movie was fun and also worth many type of a watch.


The writer, Eric Heisserer, has actually revealed that in the script he wrote, Kate does not survive. He did an intercheck out through the website "Bloody Disgusting":

Question: So does Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s character die at the end? In the film it’s a small unclear, was that ever spelled out in a draft?

Answer: “I was exceptionally clear via Kate’s fate in the draft. I understand also that what I offered them doesn’t aid in terms of growing a franchise. But there’s no way that she could survive. I had it written so that they chase after Sander . They’re in a snowcat however he isn’t. But then you begin to see his tracks they they’re complying with to the ship get much longer and also longer and also even more alien. And you realize that he transformed right into somepoint that have the right to go incredibly quick on the ice. That’s what the smart creature would certainly perform. So they obtain tbelow and Carter checks the one flame unit they have actually and also finds that it’s virtually entirely out of fuel. So they decide to take all of the fuel from the Snowcat and also put it right into the flame unit. Since it’s much better to kill this point . So at the finish where she renders a decision that she thinks Carter is The Thing , we realize that she is burning her fuel. She’s burning her means residence. And the last scene is her looking at the burning snowcat, via no various other method of obtaining almost everywhere. And just the emovements of the previous 2 days, she starts to cry and also then just heads into the wind and starts walking. She is screwed. So that doesn’t happen , however then again, that might be what audiences want“.

While we obviously don"t watch all the events Heisserer explains in the finimelted movie, the version of occasions in the film do not straight contradict Heisserer"s account, aside from the bit about utilizing the fuel from the Snowcat to fill the flamethrowers. So, although the movie doesn"t present Kate sitting dvery own in the scurrently and also waiting to die, it is completely plausible that she does so. Any various other outcome would certainly be totally inconsistent to the as a whole theme of both of the (the 2011 prequel and the classic 1982 original movie).

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It is almost impossible to imagine that Kate made it through her ordeal. The truth that she never reshows up, and also MacReady and the remainder of the American team at Outshort article 31 do not seem to recognize anything around what occurred in the Norwegian camp, suggest that Kate really did die in the middle of nowright here, probably by her very own choice.