Bones are constantly undergoing resorption for miscellaneous reasons. Which of the adhering to cells accomplishes this process? A. Stem CellB. OsteocyteC. OsteoclastD. Osteoblast

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The significant hardness of bone is attributed to ________. A. the presence of glycoproteins B. the visibility of cartilage C. the presence of proteoglycans D. the visibility of inorganic hydroxyapatites E. the visibility of collagen fibers
When have to avoidance of osteoporosis start? A. The prevention of osteoporosis must start with kids while bones are still flourishing. Children should rise their bone mass to provide extra defense from osteoporosis in the future. B. The prevention of osteoporosis must begin in early on old age, to prevent a decrease in bone density later on. C. The avoidance of osteoporosis should start young adults, to increase the bone mass to administer added protection from osteoporosis. D. The avoidance of osteoporosis need to start in middle age, to respond to the progressive loss of bone density as we get old.
The avoidance of osteoporosis have to start through kids while bones are still prospering. Children must rise their bone mass to carry out additional protection from osteoporosis later.
The term diploë describes the ________. A. fact that the majority of bones are developed of 2 forms of bone tconcern B. double-layered nature of the connective tproblem extending the bone C. internal layer of spongy bone in flat bones D. two kinds of marrowhead found within the majority of bones
Cartilage grows in two ways, appositional and interstitial. What is appositional growth? A. The secretion of brand-new matrix versus the external challenge of existing cartilage B. The lengthening of hyaline cartilage C. Growth at the epiphyseal plate D. Alengthy the edges just of existing osteons, making each osteon larger
In adults, yellow marrow is located ________. A. in the epiphyseal plates of long bones B. in the main canals of osteons C. in the medullary cavity of lengthy bones D. mostly in flat bones
The osteon is ________. A. a fibrous membrane that covers and also protects bone B. the structural unit of compact bone C. the structural unit of spongy bone D. a netjob-related of red marrow
The pituitary gland also is hoprovided in the ________. A. sinuses of the ethmoid bone B. vomerC. foramen lacerum D. sella turcica of the sphenoid bone
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