The software for this ipod is not installed correctly

I posted this on Apple forums and also one more forum, and of course Apple will not aid you. So I"m hoping someone at will be able to help me deal with this. And I cannot format, because I have no area to put all my files, so I"d choose to have the ability to resolve it.

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Ok I"m getting really ticked off currently. My iTunes will not read the iPod. Everytime I launch the iTunes I obtain this error:"The software program required for interacting with the iPod is not installed correctly. Please reinstall iTunes to install the iPod"s software program."I"ve remounted EVERYTHING choose a hundred times. Deleted registries, deleted folder, surprise folder, rebegan, updated, upgraded. I"ve remounted iTunes aobut 50 times, tried about 3 various versions. All this crap. I adhered to all these guides that tell you how to settle the problem: - Support - iPod 101 - Troubleshooting - Installation IssuesAnd some others, simply can not remember the web links. And everytime I launch the iPod Updater it offers me this error: "iPod Service Error".I"ve done every little thing I can think of and also been told to execute. I don"t recognize what to perform currently, anyone know exactly how I have the right to settle this?
So I"ve complied with tons of guides, Apple assistance. Deleted registries, folders, concealed folders, emptied recyle bins. Unset up quicktime. Tried a various USB port. None of it is functioning.I tested it on another computer in the home and it functions fine. So I have no concept why I"m getting this on my computer. Anyone have any type of concept on just how I can solve this?I have actually a Windows XP.

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These seem to be applicable and also specific​
"According to Apple, this is an error that sometimes occurs in the Windows version of iTunes as soon as the software is not mounted effectively, once the iPod Service application does not pack, or when there is a conflict
."mentions hand-operated restart of the iPod Service ... just how does yours respond to therestart?

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Click Start and Run. Type msconfig in the Open field and also click OK, the General tab, and the Selective Startup radio switch. Deselect the Load Startup Items checkbox, click the Startup tab, and select the iTunesHelper checkbox. Click the Services tab and verify that the Hide All Microsoft Services checkbox is selected. Depick all checkboxes other than for the iPod Service checkbox. Click the OK button, and also as soon as motivated, click Rebegin.Check to check out if iTunes and your iPod work-related effectively. If they do not, Apple claims you have to try the following procedures:Click Start and also Run. Type msconfig in the Open field and also click OK. Click the Services tab and deselect the iPod Service checkbox. Download and also install the latest version of iTunes when aacquire. Rebegin your computer. Check to watch if the problem is readdressed. If not, right-click My Computer and click Manage. Click Services And Applications in the left pane. Double-click Services in the ideal pane. Right-click iPod Service in the appropriate pane, click Properties, and also click the Sheight switch. Click Start and Run. Type “C:Program FilesiPodiniPodService.exe” /service and click the OK switch. Restart your computer.