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A rigid, flat board that holds chips and various other digital components. The printed circuit board (PCB) is made of layers, from 2 to a dozen or more, that interconnect components through copper pathways. The major board in a computer is called the "device board" or "motherboard," while smaller ones that plug into slots on the major board are called "boards" or "cards." See motherboard, development card and flexible circuit.Etched CircuitsThe "printed" circuit is an etched circuit. A copper foil is put over a fiberglass or plastic base of each layer and also extended via a photoresist. Light is beamed through an adverse photo of the circuit paths onto the photoresist, hardening the locations that will remajor after etching. When passed via an acid bath, the unhardened locations are wamelted amethod, and also the finished layers are then glued together. The etching procedure is additionally provided to develop incorporated circuits (chips).Starting in the 1940sPrinted circuit boards (PCBs) were first supplied in the 1940s to attach discrete components together. By the 1960s, they were extensively provided in all electronic devices, and as incorporated circuits emerged in the 1970s, chips were significantly mounted on the boards. Today, PCBs organize a few discrete elements yet largely chips, and each chip consists of from thousands to billions of transistors (check out chip). See surconfront mount, using and also discrete component.

This Baby AT board is an instance of a very early PC motherboard. It embraced both ISA and also PCI cards containing peripheral controllers. See ISA and PCI.

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This earlier WOW HD board from SRS Labs created an extra dynamic music experience. The complex handling that takes place on tiny PCBs such as this was unthinkable in the early days of computer. (Imperiods courtesy of SRS Labs, Inc.)