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Forgain the shark that stalks Blake Lively; the seagull stranded through her on the rock in The Shenables stealthily stole every scene he appeared in. Nickcalled Sully by the film’s pet trainer, Katie Brock-Medland, the feathered star engaged comically through Lively’s heroine Nancy and also praise for his performance from outlets favor E!, Cosmopolitan, and — aptly — Vulture. Here, Brock-Medland details the initiative to groom the bird for the spotlight.

When the filmequipments asked Australia-based pet trainer Katie Brock-Medland also for aid finding and training a seagull, she first had to make sure seagulls were allowed to act. As a protected species in Australia, seagulls can’t be used for shoots if they’re in captivity, yet ones in rescue or rehab deserve to — so Brock-Medland also went star-hunting, finding three standout rehab seagulls. One of them was named Sally, a nickname Brock-Medland also easily changed to Sully because, well, the seagull was male. “I said to his rehabber, ‘He’s obviously a male,’” she remembers with a laugh. “’That’s not fair to contact him Sally.’ She he was male but she simply chosen to contact him Sally.”

Name changed and also prepared to go, Sully joined the team and also the other seagulls for 6 weeks of training before shooting started. All of them stayed in aviaries put up in the studio, through pools to aid them learn. As Brock-Medland also recalls, Sully was constantly the ideal out of the bunch, and also unsurprisingly wound up being contained in around 90 percent of the shots director Jaume Collet-Serra required of a seagull. “He was intrigued by the totality thing,” she says. “As a bird, he was incredibly curious, and also curious animals are straightforward to train.”

Training associated regulating the seagulls’ diets and positively reinforcing one basic rule: Do not leave the rock. To make certain the seagulls learned to remain on their marks in the film, Brock-Medland’s team fed them snacks instead of big meals, supplying them mealworms and also various other treats — Sully desired mozzarella cheese — bit by bit, editing and enhancing their habits in exreadjust for food. “It was favor training a dog,” she states. “They all learned that if they heard a whistle, they were going to gain fed, so if they heard the whistle and food was coming, they’d need to wait till the end of the scene.”

More importantly, Brock-Medland wanted to store the endure positive to make sure the seagulls wouldn’t fly amethod in fear from all the and one-of-a-kind results that would certainly be going on about them. “Tright here were wave-making makers and also wind makers, so the sound was a lot for a seagull to acquire used to,” she explains. “Our goal was we wanted them to have actually fun, to make certain they weren’t scared.” And what’s even more fun than getting treats?

Blake Lively, who played stranded surfer Nancy, was hesitant about her feathered costar at initially, but Sully won her over. “She wasn’t certain she favored birds in the start, but at the finish of it, she had actually a bit of a crush on Sully,” Brock-Medland also says, laughing. “I’m sure tright here are some impressive outtakes between the two of them. He simply gained genuine comfortable, and also because we wanted him to be connecting with her, we asked her to feed him on a continuous basis.”

Becoming Sully’s resource for food made Lively an instant Sully magnet. “She was the one that was feeding him, so it was crucial for him to pay attention to her,” Brock-Medland also claims. “He ended up nuzzling next to her and someday he started pecking at her fake shark bite.” Improvised moments choose those made Sully stand also out, she adds. “He available up a lot of stuff and she went via it, which was great. They had actually a little of a rapport which was really nice.”

Lively assumed so, as well — and also improvised the name “Stalso Seagull” for Sully, which wound up in the finimelted film. (In the script, the seagull was named Sid, a shoutout to Sid and also Nancy.) Before the film’s dehowever, she also posted a swarm via Sully on Instagram:

And for some of those improvised moments, watch the tidlittle start at about the four-minute note from the deleted and also extfinished scenes below:

Of course, Sully wasn’t perfect. When it involved his last scene in the film — the one in which Lively’s Nancy pushes him off on a piece of her surfboard in wishes of conserving him — Sully didn’t desire to leave Lively. “We had actually trained Sully for 3 weeks to continue to be on the rock, so that was his goal, that was his taracquire, that was his little bit safe haven,” Brock-Medland also states. “He he had to gain earlier on the rock if he got washed off, so in that last scene, in his mind, he was expected to be on the rock, so he back.”

She laughs, remembering the difficult shoot. “He did little flights ago a couple of times, so we had actually to put civilization in strategic spots,” she claims, adding that though Sully’s right wing had been damaged, he had actually healed sufficient over time to painlessly fly brief ranges. “My husband also was at the halfmeans marker saying, ‘Stay, continue to be stay,’ and also once the board turned the edge, I was in the water saying, ‘Stay, stay, stay.’” Finally, after trying again for the shot the following morning, Sully stayed.

Over the course of the shoot, Sully ended up being The Shallows’ mascot. “Everybody loved him, to be totally hoswarm,” Brock-Medland also says. “Blake once turned about to me and shelp, ‘I think I’m being out-acted by your bird.’” Good thing both actors, huguy and avian, toughed it out. “It was a difficult shoot and also working in the water is tough, because nothing happens as rapid when you’re functioning approximately water,” she defines. “Sully was a trooper.”

And via the grueling function under his proverbial belt, Sully seems primed for stardom. At leastern, Brock-Medland thinks so — also if the seagull never before hregarding bring an additional big-display component on his wings again. “If tbelow isn’t an additional function for him, he’s going to finish on a high,” she claims. “He’s done his best.”

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