The settings on this computer for the network

When carry out you gain the error “settings conserved on this computer carry out not enhance the requirements of the network“?

The message “settings conserved on this computer perform not match the needs of the network” is exceptionally clear. The settings conserved on your computer system for that certain wireless SSID are not matching via the settings of wireless netoccupational that you are trying to affix.You get this error message on windows Vista or home windows 7 operating system computer system.

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Why this happens ?

Let’s take an example. Your wiremuch less network name is HOME. You currently have password protection. Your computer was linked to the HOME and also it was functioning properly. Now you went to your friend’s place with your laptop. You are trying to affix to the wiremuch less netjob-related at your friend’s location. He additionally has the very same wireless netjob-related name HOME but the password is different. Now the password for the your HOME netjob-related is different than the password for your friend’s HOME netjob-related. Your computer system has actually your password conserved. But as soon as you try to connect the wiremuch less network-related HOME at your friend’s place, your computer will attempt to connect SSID with your password and also at that time you will certainly gain the error message ” settings saved on this computer execute not complement the need of the wireless network ”The various other factor for this error message is that the defense settings of your netoccupational could be readjusted.

How to fix this error “settings conserved on this computer perform not match the requirements of the network”?

On your computer system the settings for the wiremuch less netoccupational are conserved. whenever before you connect to any wifi successfully, your computer will certainly conserve the settings of that certain Wifi. You have the right to rerelocate wireless netjob-related from the list. Once you rerelocate wiremuch less network-related from the list, you will certainly shed the settings of that SSID. Don’t worry. Now you will should affix to the Wifi aacquire. When you attempt to affix to the wiremuch less network you will certainly see your SSID in the list. If your SSID is secured then it will ask you to enter the defense vital or the password. (If you are not sure around the vital or the password then you will must open the setup web page of the rexternal and also inspect the settings of the rexternal. ) Once you enter the correct password, it will certainly connect you to the Wifi and also you will certainly have the ability to access Web.

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Follow these steps to fix the error “settings conserved on this computer system do not match the requirements of the network”

Click on Start.Go to Control Panel.Go to netjob-related and Internet.Go to netjob-related and also sharing center.You will check out Manage wireless networks.Now you will certainly view all the wiremuch less networks saved on your computer system .Highlight your netjob-related and click Remove at the top .One by one rerelocate all the netfunctions that you are not using .Cshed the home window , you will certainly be ago to the netoccupational and sharing facility .Click on ” connect to a network” .Try to affix to the netjob-related aacquire.If your network-related is secured then it will ask you for the password or the netjob-related crucial.Type the correct network-related vital and also click affix. It will connect you.


Sometimes when you try to connect to the network it will offer you the message ” press the configuration button on your access point …” or Go into the PIN number . In that situation, on the same window, at the bottom you will uncover the option, I don’t desire to connumber, I want to enter the vital manually or I simply desire to affix. click that option and also it will certainly go to the next action.

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Follow the measures of Easy Set Up Guide to solve the error ” settings conserved on this computer perform not enhance the requirements … ”

Easy measures to affix to the wiremuch less network

Easy setup guide is designed to work-related via Linksys wireless rexternal , Netgear wiremuch less rexternal, D Link wiremuch less router and all various other brands of routers.